Lifegoals: a small cabin in the woods

Hi guys, I've reached my 30ies, lost my job, still have a home and a boyfriend but…
Lately I've being going through a midlifecrises. A bit too soon, yes I know, but I have no clue what to do with my life. So I started to think of what my lifegoals are. Most people want a big house, a fancy car, me? Well I just want a small cabin in the woods.

My dreamhouse is a small cabin

First I thought about a house in a big city like Antwerp. I concluded that I would have more jobopportunities but I also would still dream of my getaway place. Living in Antwerp would make it hard to get into nature. Something I absolutely require. Biking, running, just spending time in the woods makes me happy. In Antwerp I could only run in the park. The diversity and possibilities would make me a happy kiddo but still I would need to getaway.

A getaway place, a place to run from it all. It might sound like a mencave for some, but it does not require drinking or people. I would want to escape modern day life. Find rest and be happy. Nothing makes me more happy than being in the woods and see mountains. Ok, I would miss the city but nothing keeps me from visiting it right?

A dreamcabin on pinterest

So I started scrolling on pinterest to find out what I really want and I just found some inspirational pictures. From unreachble houses that would require loads of money, to small things that I might could pay.

Lifegoals a small cabin in the woods

I discovered that something small would be ideal to get started because you can't keep loads of stuff. The more stuff the more complicated. I really need to start living like a minimalist.

And I would probably have to move. That last thing is tricky. Because I have it all at home. Friends, family and connections… yet it does not made me happy. This is the midlifecrises I was talking about… what do I need and where do I want to go. Do I keep these pictures for dreaming or do I invest in a getaway?

Not that easy at all.


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