About me, myself and I.

Born in a small village in the lovely country of Belgium almost 30 years with a passion for all things awkward.
One thing is for sure when you hear my real name ‘Ordinary life does not interest me’. When you read my name “Cescia” you will surely pronounce it wrong. It’s a crazy combination of Keshia and ” Keesia”. Just with that name alone my mom should have known that I would become trouble.
After graduating twice I still haven’t found a job in which I can release my passion and so I started to blog about all I love and all I hate. Glitters and Mayhem was born.
Expect to see a lot of fashion, beauty and tattoos pass by, next to a good amount of wanderlust. Me and my boyfriend Dennis spend our winters in Austria. He takes the pictures I provide the text, he skies, I board. Let’s say he completes my life in every way.

This year I got the amazing opportunity to blog for the Dutch website wintersportweerman! I can not thank the team enough for believing in me!!It’s my ultimate escape from reality.

My ultimate dream is blogging for more and more brands and writing texts all day!
Please feel free to contact me for any collaborations on cesciavanhout@gmail.com.

Oh and let’s make this one thing clear I love animals, all kind of animals, but cat’s have a special place in my heart. I never thought I would own so many of those lovely creatures but they came in my backyard and stole my heart. I did not choose the catlife, they choose me! So I’m all pro-adoption!

Follow my daily life on Instagram: @seesje
Follow my adventures on Wintersportweerman.nl
Contact me on Cesciavanhout@gmail.com.



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