Glitters and Mayhem

Good morning, afternoon or evening…
Welcome on my personal website, Glitters and Mayhem.
Glitters and Mayhem is the place to be if you are somewhat different just like me! Because being normal is boring, overrated and just impossible for some of us!

You can expect a dose of fashion, animalfriendly beautyproducts,  food, travel and some mayhem now and then. Yes expect all that is going around in my head on this page.  Glitters and Mayhem is my escape from the daily life. Stuck in a bored job with absolutely no opportunity to express my creativity this blog was born. Why it’s different than a regular blog? Expect a twist in everything, a dose of sarcasm, truth and a real view on fashion. Guess who’s not blessed with a perfect size, with cellulite and not a thigh gap! More realism than ever can be found on this blog. I do not get sponsored so the reviews are real! Another thing you will notice is that my life is also not all lollipops and unicorns. I have the amazing skill to make everything more difficult and overthink everything! Such a blessing :).

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Follow my traveladventures on wintersportweerman and Ikbenopreis (in Dutch)

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