Back to stay!

Back to stay!

Hi guys, it’s been silent for long, after a few months of struggling I decided to come back! I had a lot of things on my mind. I got a new job, again, travelled again, and my passion for fashion went up again!

Why I stopped my blogging game? Call it a bit of time-managment and selflove. After losing my job I got a bit lost, in my head. Kinda like a quarterlife crisis. What do you want in your life?

– i want to write

Yep that’s it. I want to tell stories, share my experiences, share my holidays. Because guys, I already went to Kitzbühel, Innsbruck, Montafon, Maastricht and Amsterdam.. it’s not even februari. In one week I’ll go to Italy (Vallee d’aosta).

So expect new updates… first one will be from the Fashion event in amsterdam! Because I had to opportunity to visit the biggest fashion fair in the Benelux!

Back to stay guys…


Food in Amsterdam

So you can not really walk 15k, bike 20k and have no food right? In order to keep going I snacked a lot in Amsterdam. Discovere my best hotspots in Amsterdam. The top 5 foodplaces in Amsterdam.

Want to read my other tips in Amsterdam, check THIS article!

Pizza is always a winner

I seriously could have pizza each week. I like my pizza crispy, thin and with veggies. I discovered De Pizzabakkers in Amsterdam. Here you can have an amazing pizza for less than €12!

I went for a pizza with spinach, caramilised onion, tomato and seeds. My boyfriend went for a pizza with gorgonzola, zucchini, eggplant and basil! Yes if you are a vegetarian you will love the combo. Plus you can ask them to skip the cheese!

Nooch in the 9 street area

In between biking, shopping and walking we had to have a quick lunch. A quick, healthy lunch, so we first went to Nooch for a delicious Pad Thai. You could have it with scrimps or without, just like I did. This delicious Pad Thai was around €14,50. Here you can ask for water from tap (it’s free), but leave a tip because they people are superfriedly! You can actually have great thai salads, sushi or ramen. It all looked delicious.

Here you can find the Website!!!

Streetfood from Vietnam

Loads of options in Amsterdam, but often the less known are the best. I had an amazing bowl of delicious veggies and noodles at Frnzy! This cute little place is located in the South of Amsterdam. This is a nice, more calm area without loads of tourists! The options on the menu are less, but the food is amazing and the price is so low! My bowl was less than €10. Oh and my boyfriend had vegetarian eggrolls…. let’s say, if I could have them right now this would be perfect!

Toos and roos for a piece of pie

This cosy hotspot in the nine street area just screamed my name. It looked so cut that I just had to go in. I had a piece of Velvet cake and my boyfriend enjoyed a brownie. The couple near us ordered a toast and it looked so jummy! This is really a place where you can have a quick breakfast, small lunch or a piece of pie. The pie was not the best I ever had (but it still was jummy) but the lady was so friendly. She even wrote on the bill “enjoy your day”… I just melted instantly!

Juice brothers instead of food

In between all the meals I felt a breakfast might be too much. So I went to the Juice Brothers for a delicious juice. If you ever visit them make sure you leave room for the vegan icecream they serve. Healthy juices and healthy food that’s what it’s all about. I loved my small juice, the lemon, the salt, the ginger… perfect combination.

I love love love love love Amsterdam. Not only because the food is amazing but the city is just soooooooooo lovely! People are always friendly, the canals are so pretty!

Do you have tips for my next visit ? Please share!

6 Instagramspots in Amsterdam

Hi guys, I am actually just back from Amsterdam and I had a blast. Me and my boyfriend went with our bikes, discovered hidden gems and stayed away from the touristic places. Here are some awesome instagramspots I have discovered in Amsterdam. I won't tell you the exact place, the discovery is part of the trip!

Instagramspots in the center

So we stayed away of from the real touristic locations but I did went too some streets because you simple can't avoid them. What we did not do… museums, boatrides and such. Why? You can read this right h e r e !!!!
You can already imagine that you have to take a picture of the canals! It is impossible to leave Amsterdam without one. But the trick is to find the best hotspot.

Another part that I love about Amsterdam are the small streets and the amazing buildings. Architects will love this city. But actually every person who loves to be inspired by a city has to visit Amsterdam at least once! How do you like the cute house below! Those windows!!!!!

We went to the Vondelpark to have a look and on our way I saw the following building. I fell in love. Can you imagine this being your office? Or part of it be your home!? Dream dream dream.
Oh and to make it more perfect it is located near a canal!

Instagramspots around Amsterdam

Well I actually discovered the following spot by accident. While biking to the restaurant I found the following instafamous wall. "Wake me up when I'm famous", yes please. Seriously this is the best place to take your outfit of the day picture!

The best store-window has to be the one underneath. This streat is packed with cute, fashionable stores that every Fashionblogger will adore. Most of them sell unique pieces but this window alone is just so pretty.

Another nice thing about Amsterdam is the amount of parks. A park is always a place to have amazing pictures. The Vondelpark is the most famous one and well the most busy one. This one underneath was cute and especially calm.

Have you ever visited Amsterdam? It is actually reallt worth it. This place is so amazing and a real source of inspiration!

The best Ecofriendly jeansbrands

Name somebody who does not like jeans, exactly we are all jeansheads, but jeans is so bad for our environment. To produce one pair of jeans most factories use 10 000 liters of water, one pair of jeans travels 23 000 km before being in your wardrobe. You already get the picture. Well I wanted to inform you on the best choices you can make. First of all it does not need to be expensive so here are the best budgetproof, ecofriendly jeans-brands!

Best ecofriendly jeans Nudie

Depending on your budget Nudie jeans is a great option. A pair of jeans is around €80 up to €150, that last one is the same as a Diesel-jeans but less bad for the world. Nudie jeans is the only brand that scores an A from Rank a Brand. Rank A Brand is a dutchwebsite that rates brands on their ecological footprint. Click here to open the website.

This picture is from Pinterest. Check out the Nudiejeans website for more details and shoppingfun!


Best ecofriendly jeans from Holland MUD

Just like Nudie the MUD brand scores an A on ecofriendly! You can actually lease a pair of jeans in their stores. You pay around the price of 2 cups of coffee each month and at the end you can decide. Do you buy or switch the jeans? Each jeans is re-used when it is not bought. Leasing a jeans makes is affordable for everybody! Price of this ecofriendly pair of jeans? Around €100.

Want to discover this amazing brand, just click here!

Best ecofriendly most known G STAR RAW

Honestly I was surprised that G-STAR RAW was actually ecofriendly. Would you suspect it of a brand this big? Where Diesel, Gucci and others are scoring bad this brand scores a B! They use organic cotton to reduce the number of pesticides in the environment.
A pair of jeans will cost around €120. Plus they even had a collab with Pharrell!

This picture is from Pinterest. Go shopping online at their page!

Pharrell teamed up with GSTAR the ecofriendly brand for all fashionistas!

The first one on the market Kuyichi

This dutch brand already started in 2001 with the battle for an ecofriendly planet. You will have to pay from €90 up until €130 for a pair of jeans from Kuyichi. Not only is this brand ecofriendly they also support fair-trade. After going bankrupt in 2015 the brand is back and the jeans looks even more pretty.

The most pretty website is from Kuyichi!

Best budgetoptions

Looking for ecofriendly jeans and you have to spend less? Levi's, Quicksilver and Cheap Monday are brands that offer great quality and yet they are rather good for your wallet. Plus these brands do their effort to be ecofriendly.


Back in Amsterdam: 5 things to do!!

Hi guys, last May I spent a few days in Amsterdam and now I am back. I guess you can easily say I am hooked on Amsterdam. It is one of the most inspirational cities in Europe. I give you 5 things to do in Amsterdam. Oh and believe me I have skipped all the typical touristthings.

Number one Visit A Park

Little fact Amsterdam has 30 parks, the biggest amount you can have in one city if you ask me! I already went to the Amsterdamse Bos, now I am planning to visit the Sloterpark. Most known is the Vondelpark. Although this is the biggest one it might also be a big fail, a milion tourist visit this park each year. Plus a lot of people advise to avoid the Vondelpark at night due to the high amount of junkies. My advise go for a less known option. Especially if you want to go for a run. I loved the Amsterdamse Bos!

Number 2 rent a bike and skip the boat

I loved walking through Amsterdam but we did 17km that day. Next up to save money we booked a hotel at 6km from the city, instead of parking we are going to take our bikes.
Yes we will use our bikes to visit Amsterdam. That way we can both have a drink and we can take our bike to visit the Jordaan or the 9 streets. It's more cheap, less exhausting and better for the environment! Instead of hiring a boat we can use our bikes to discover all the canals!

Number 3 feed your foodbaby

I love food and when it comes to good food you can be sure that Amsterdam is the place to be. Amazing food for a small price is what you can get. Typical foods are waffels, pancakes, but you can have the best Indian food in Amsterdam. I plan on visiting Bird Thai, Sir Hummus and De Avocadoshop! Top on my list the Meatless District. For a drink De Jonge Admiraal is on top of my list! So skip the waffels… Amsterdam is the place for all you vegans and vegetarians!

Number 4 Go shopping

The Kalverstraat might be the shoppinghotspot but you should go to the 9 street area! Find all cool conceptstores here. Amsterdam is blessed with a conceptstore from Barong Barong, Zoe Karssen and French Connection. In the 9 streets you can easily find high quality vintage.
L'etoile is ideal if you are looking for second hand designer bags. Another cute mustvisit is Charlie and Mary! You can't leave without something!

Number 5 Walk and discover

Amsterdam sign, museums everywhere, just go sit on a terras and watch people. Nothing is more entertaining. Next up, you should just discover the city. The red light district is overrated, not the most pretty part of Amsterdam. The Dam Square is packed with pigeons and the Museumsquare is packed woth tourists. Just go into the narrow streets, walk and if you see a nice bar.. just stop for a drink!

My favorite picture of the week: Antwerp in the middle

This weekend was packed. I was working all weekend long. On Friday I worked on my blogs, on Saturday I was working on reggae Geel and on Sunday I sold clothes. My Sunday ended in Antwerp….where I took my favorite picture that I called "Antwerp in the middle".

Antwerp in the middle

I was working to gain experience in the fashion-industrie all day long. In the evening I had tickets for a concert from the Swedish band "Goat". In between I went to 't Eilandje to have an amazing vegetarian burger and this is where I took this picture.

The picture is taken around 19h00, it's actually between 't eilandje, famous for the MAS and 't Zuid. You look directly on the Havenhuis (porthouse). The newest tourist attraction in Antwerp. The Londenbridge is open at the moment and you look into the infinite.

It's the ideal middle between Antwerp the city and Antwerp the Port. Havenhuis is directly at the biggest port of Belgium. Antwerp has an amazing harbour and if you have a chance you should visit it! You will be amazed!

Antwerp in the middle without filter

This is the picture taken with my Iphone without a filter. I believe that the most beautiful pictures don't need a filter. Often situations are not perfect and you can easily add a filter. Ok an Iphone is not the best camera, but you always have it with you and the camera evolved so much! It's easy to take with you,not that big an investment as you can use it as a phone too.

Antwerp in the middle with filter

The sky is a little bit more pretty. Other colors are more colder. I always just add the samen filter on instagram. It's called Clarendon. By using the same filter I try to make my feed more pretty.

Which one do you like most? With or without filter? Did you ever went to Antwerp? How did you like it!?

3 reasons why you should book a skin treatment

Hi guys, since a few months I am actually going to the beauty salon for my skin! Yes each 8 weeks it's me-time. My skin gets a complete treatment and actually it's something everybody should do. I found 3 reasons why you should go to the salon for a treatment.

Reason number one: you deserve it!

I always believe that no matter what you deserve me-time. I try to schedule one appointment each 8 weeks. Those 90 minutes are the best ever. It's not like exercising, I feel reborn and relaxed. That massage, that glow after and the fact that my brows are one fleek make me so happy!

Reason number two: you can't diy!

The massage you get, nope you can not do it yourself. Believe me, it is far more relaxing when somebody else gives you a complete treatment. In between appointments I always go for a short scub, I put on a mask, but it's not the same. I don't have a steaming machine, I don't lay on a couch when I put on a mask… it's just not the same!

Reason number three: your skin will thank you!

Yes that glow, less pores, a soft skin, nothing feels better than comming home after a skin treatment. I believe that the effect last far longer than with a diy. It's much more easy to keep your eyebrows on point after a treatment. You can never do it as good as a pro! Oh and that hot towel treatment, in your home it's a mess, you just need somebody that assists you.

I always go to My Dear, this is the animal friendly beauty salon in Belgium. Click the link for more details. She offers the best treatment ever. I feel so relaxed. I was so happy to learn to know this place.

Products that are being used during my treatment are from Naobay.