Life is better in Pink

No boring black tattoos this time. Today we are looking at some amazing pink tattoos! Because life is better in pink.
Discover the most amazing full pink or almost full pink tattoos in this blog.
All pictures are from pinterest.

Flamingos are hot and happening, hooked on those cute little birds like me.. well thennyou will love this piece of work. Ideal for all ladies who love to it a bit more special. The vibrant pink looks amazing on a tanned skin! It is the way of getting a summervibe just by looking at your own tattoo!


The following piece is even a bit more special. It’s a pink mandala. Ideal for those who love mandalas but would love it more subtile than a regular black one. You will notice that this one actually a bit less “in your face.” So if you are still in doubt a pink version might be the solution.


And yes flowers can’t miss in this post. The watercolortechnique is ideal for these kind of tattoos. I absolutely love the realistic part of these tattoos. Flowers are timeless, they do not have to mean anything, they can just be pretty. And those regular roses, we have seen them all, time for something new!



Nice thing about these pink tattoos is that they make boring design instandly more awesome! A normal design is more special when it’s completly in pink. Just because it’s not seen that often it’s already a better choice! Because honestly having the same tattoo as somebody else is not that pleasant.


What’s your favorite tattoo in this post? I fell in love with the mandala. I would love to have a mandala but often they are soooo big. This one is ideal for me. Perhaps on my back. Oh and yes that flamingo… yes that one is also amazing.

Lush’s MoM bath bomb

Another week another test! This week I wanted to tell you all about the Mother’s Day Bath Bomb. With a very correct but also rather boring name “MUM”. When you read this review you will know if this bath bomb is something for you!

Pinkish delight
The Mum bath bomb has these lovely pink, green and yellow colors and a real cool look. It was the reason why I picked it up in the store. You also had the dad-version,’ but I loved these colors more!
The letters are so cute that it’s absolutely a great gift! Yes the look and colors are already perfect.



Lemon and roses
The scent of this bath bomb is a mix of oranges, lemons and roses. Making it floral yet fruity. I liked it a lot when I grabed it up in the store. My boyfriend was not convinced. When I used this Mum the entire bathroom smelled so fresh. I love it. I have to admit that I was not really relaxed, it more awakend my senses.


The result
You will have a fizzy bath bomb for a few minutes leaving a nice present and color behind. I do admit that I did not notice any moisturizing effects. It was nice to use, but not the most and best bath bomb that I tried. I find the effect to low for the price. Let’s say a bigger bath bomb is worth more the investment.

The little note did put a smile on my face.




Bought this combine it with bath melt or bubble bar to experience the full package and have a moisturized skin. I do prefer a bath melt instead of this bomb and they are only half the price.

Did you try this bath bomb? Did you enjoy it? Pro’s and cons?

My week in pictures

Hi guys, just a random post today with some of my favorite instagram pictures!

Last weekend I managed to buy a perfect oversized blazer from Blune Paris! It was in sales and it was perfect. A long black blazer with golden details. I was looking for a bomber jacket but this one passed my path and I was sold immediately. It actually was the last one in store and I was so happy that the fit was amazing!


Next up I celebrated mothersday by spoiling myself. I crashed last week at work, due to the pressure that I continued to feel and I just looked for a “me-time-weekend”. I went to Lush to buy my favorite bubble bars and bath bomb. Later I bought some delicious MoMade Cupcakes for me and my boyfriend! Oh I can really enjoy those cheatdays! I have been eating only pure food the last week so this was a real pleasure! Yes I am eating more and more veggies each day, avoiding vegetarian meat-stuff and only eat whole grains like spelt. My stomach is less bloated and I feel better.



Another goal has been reached, at the moment I have worked out 8 days in a row! That’s like not a great example but I need it to clear my mind and release the stress! I ran 10 k, I ran 5k, walked 10k, used my cross trainer the other days to complete a 45 minuten work out each day. Plus I am trying to do breathing exercises! Pushing it? Perhaps, but it just feels like the right thing to do at the time.


So I guess you could say I was mostly working out last week! This week I am trying to do the same. I already managed to complete a 45 minute workout. On Wednesday I have this cooooool shopping event! All you french connection lovers should really be there!


I try to eat more veggies and fruits but I feel like a piece of chocolat should be ok to have. At least I need to manage my stresslevels!

Tattoos that hide the past

Dear followers, today I wanted to present to you a way to say goodbye to the past. And although we may not like our past it has been a part of our life. This post will show some brilliant ideas to cover up scars. Because no matter if it was selfharm, surgery, burning marks or anything else. Covering up something that makes you feel bad is always the best option.

Selfharmvictims are sometimes each day confronted with their past. The wounds may heal, but some scars don’t go away. When they want to cover them up a tattoo is a great option. Making something beautiful from an ugly past. Burnvictims suffer the same strugle. They are faced each day with the past.



The following pictures show that you can really hide scars of every level. The tattoos really hides the scar. In the picture above you might still see the small scars between the thin lines. If you go for a full collored tattoo it is more easy to hide.If you want to look for inspiration. All the pictures in these postnare from pinterest.





When you go for a cover up be aware. Sometimes the skin is more sensitive. So perhaps it might hurt more as on other places. Even after a big surgery you always have to have patience before getting the scar covered up.



When you want to have scares coved up you have to make sure they are healed completely. And you have to ask the tattoo artist if it is possible to cover up the scar. A great tip is to go for designs with loads of red. Most scars are a bit red, and they will vanish in the design. Offcourse from some angle they will still be visible.


Sometimes a tattoo is also a release. No more shame, no more awkward looks from others. It will be a relief. You will feel better.

Avocado tattoos, why not?

Tattoos, you love them or hate them, well for all you avocado-lovers but tattoohaters this might change your mind. Discover the most cute, amazing and detailles avocado tattoos in this post. Curious? Keep on reading!

Detailled and beautiful

I found all these amazing pictures on pinterest, just search on “avocado tattoo” and keep on clicking! If you are into details and don’t want it to be colorful. I have this amazing idea for you!


Think this is too much and you just want it to be a bit more simple? How about just the fruit! Yes an avocado is a fruit, just so you know! Take this tattoo with your partner or you bestfriend. Who takes the seed-part?


If you want it simple and not too outspoken. Just think lines and not many shade. When you go for this tattoo, you can easily place it everywhere. And you can hide it so easy!


Color and cute

An avocado can be a real girly, girly tattoo-idea! How about mixing your two favorites in one design? Cats and avocados.. it’s all possible.


Old school tattoos are always a bit more cute than just a regular black/white one. Think loads of color and it can fit anywhere!!


One of my personal favorites is the following. Just because of how cute, yet timeless it is.


If you love a more realistic tattoo, go for something like this.


Are you a true avocado-lover? I mean why not get it tattooed? Some people have a slice of pizza on their wrist, other prefer Care Bears, what’s the difference? If you like it, get it inked! But always think before you get a tattoo, which design, which artist and placing!

My favorite combo

Hi guys, I have been using Lush for a while now and I have already tried some combinations but today I wanted you to inform you on the most amazing combination ever…

On of them is probably the favorite one for most lushies, and he is only available once a year… meet Snowfairy! A glitterish pink shower gell that smells like candy. It looks so amazing, pink with glitters, it smells like heaven! Yes it has the most sweet smell, without being too much! I always buy extra bottles during the Lush annual sale. Yes it’s only once a year sale at lush, after Christmas. Be beware Snowfairy is on of the most popular Christmasproducts! Be fast or it’s gone.

My other favorite one is The Comforter. This bubble bar is a classic one. It has a nice pink/purple color and it smells so sweet. If you want to relax this bubble bar is a musttry! The smell is a combination of cassis and bergamot.

My ultimate combo… adding snowfairy in a bath full of the comforter. Think sweet smell, pink bath and loads of foam! You can drop in a few splashes of snowfairy in the tub and mix it with your hands. Next you take a piece of the comforter and hold it under the tab. What you can expect a foamy tub that smells like candy! After you will feel completely relaxed. Sad to know is that you will not smell like this the entire day. So enjoy the time in the tub, read a magazine, close you eyes and just enjoy!


Little facts Lush is animal friendly and no animals were hurt for your bathing moment!

Have you ever tried one of these products? I guess you could call them my favorite lushproducts!

Ps one bar of the comforter will fill up 3 baths! So don’t overdo it!

Amazing social unacceptable tattoos

Today,I came across the following amazing tattoos on Pinterest. They inspired me to create this post. Meet the most amazing social unacceptable tattoos.


Unfortunately some of the tattoos will not be accepted at all workplaces. I have the luck that my tattoos are accepted at work, so I do not need to hide them. But I can imagine that some of these would not be so accepted. Why? Because neck-, finger-, face- and handtattoos are still a bit taboo in some workareas. Or even in families. The following tattoos are not easy to hide, so think before you ink.


I absolutely love the word “clarity” in the neck or the eye. Both the designs are simple and so minimal that I love them. I would love love love to have a small letterword in my neck but unfortunately my job won’t let me. I am not planning on wearing scarfs all week long.




High on my wishlist, unfortunately I do not think my mom or my boss would agree. Fingertattoos are so pretty but also they heal not easily and they fade very fast. In between fingers is not ideal but the ones on top of the finger tend to last longer. I am a big fan of the moon and the leaves. Still I believe that one day my little pink-finger will be blessed with a small symbol.




As I am somebody who does not wear earrings often I believe I could get away with a small ear tattoo or in front of my ear. I absolutely adore the small dotwork. Unfortunately this can not be hidden at all… . For me this is still a no go. The mandala is the biggest one I selected but I absolutely love it. I would never get it, but I have been thinking about a word or a small symbol in my undercut. Still it seems that something stops me. It would not be visible always, but still… not convinced.



What did you think of the selection I gave you? High on my wishlist is the fingertattoo. You can’t hide them but I think it will be the least shocking for both my parents as my workplace.