3 reasons why you should book a skin treatment

Hi guys, since a few months I am actually going to the beauty salon for my skin! Yes each 8 weeks it's me-time. My skin gets a complete treatment and actually it's something everybody should do. I found 3 reasons why you should go to the salon for a treatment.

Reason number one: you deserve it!

I always believe that no matter what you deserve me-time. I try to schedule one appointment each 8 weeks. Those 90 minutes are the best ever. It's not like exercising, I feel reborn and relaxed. That massage, that glow after and the fact that my brows are one fleek make me so happy!

Reason number two: you can't diy!

The massage you get, nope you can not do it yourself. Believe me, it is far more relaxing when somebody else gives you a complete treatment. In between appointments I always go for a short scub, I put on a mask, but it's not the same. I don't have a steaming machine, I don't lay on a couch when I put on a mask… it's just not the same!

Reason number three: your skin will thank you!

Yes that glow, less pores, a soft skin, nothing feels better than comming home after a skin treatment. I believe that the effect last far longer than with a diy. It's much more easy to keep your eyebrows on point after a treatment. You can never do it as good as a pro! Oh and that hot towel treatment, in your home it's a mess, you just need somebody that assists you.

I always go to My Dear, this is the animal friendly beauty salon in Belgium. Click the link for more details. She offers the best treatment ever. I feel so relaxed. I was so happy to learn to know this place.

Products that are being used during my treatment are from Naobay.


My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Hi Guys, another 3 favorites is here. Today I wanted to inform you on 3 Lushproducts that I love and that are ecofriendly. They have no package and they are animal friendly. I found it so hard to choose 3 Lushfavorites so I went for the package free options first.
Curious about the package free products that I love and that you need to know about?
Well keep on reading!

My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Package free favorite number one Coalface

Coalface is a facial cleanser, packed with charcoal and sandalwood oil! This one is one of my favorites because it slightly exfoliates the skin, depending on how long you keep it on. Plus it also reduces redness and keeps your skin in balance. Be warned, using this one too much it might dry out your face so I always go for once a day. Mostly this is my morning-product because it's so easy to use. Just rinse your face and rub the bar over your skin. I massage it in and rinse again with water. You will fresh right after using this piece. The reason why I actually bought this one? Because it fights black heads like no other product! Once a week I just put it one my nose for more a while. Let's say between 5 and 10 minutes. Ever since cleaning my face with Coalface this way I feel like the amount of blackheads is reduced.
Warning, don't overuse this product because it does dry out your skin. So make sure you moisturize well! I combine it with the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum and my skin has not dried out yet.
Want to know more about Coalface, click here.

Coalface my lushfavorite package free product

Package free favorite number two Montalbano

Actually I just did a review on this number two. Just click here to read the full details. Montalbano has to be my favorite shampoo bar from Lush and I think I tried them all. This one still awakens my senses when I open my tin and I still feel so happy when I start rubbing it on my hair. My scalp feels so clean and my hair has more glow whenever I use Montalbano. Plus I love package free shampoos, these shampoo bars are so easy to take on holidays. No need to be scared about it drooping all over your bag, it is less heavy and you can even cut off a piece if you want. Travelling light is this easy with a shampoo bar!

montalbano, my second package free lushfavorite

Package free favorite number three Layer Cake Soap

This soap, is by far my favorite soap from the entire Lush store. It smells like lemon, oranges and comes in different colors. It feels like you are washing with a rainbow. Especially in the morning this soap wakes me like nothing else. I guess you can say nothing much about how you can use this bar or when and why… the only clear fact is that this soap has the smell I love. Lemons, oranges, fruits, not sweet at all, ideal to feel awake in the shower! Each piece has a unique combination of colors, so it makes it more fun. Mine has no red at all, it's all green and yellow. This one is my and my boyfriends favorite so this one always is packed in our travelbag.


Fun fact about these 3 package free options, the are all VEGAN! So for all you vegans out there these are great products and I love every single one of them. When you keep in mind that these products are animalfriendly and ecofriendly you feel immediately better. The Lushproducts might be high in price, these products are really budgetkillers. I feel like they last forever. I still did not use half of my coalface over half a year. The soaps go for a long time and you can wash around 80 times with one shampoo bar!

Did you already tried one of these package free products? Share your opinion below!

3 of my favorite Body Shop Products

Hi Guys, today I wanted to continue with my animal friendly mission. I introduce to you my 3 favorite Body Shop products. They are actually all for your hair and I actually have searched for a long time after great hairproducts. Want to discover my favorite Body Shop products, keep on reading.

Number one of the body shop favorites

The Rainforest Moisture hair butter

This hairbutter saved my dry hair, I can not describe it in other words. Honestly I tried a lot of masks and this one keeps on returning as my favorite.  Once a week I apply it after washing my hair and I leave it in for as long as possible. The body shop says to just to only leave it in for 5 minutes, then massage with warm water and rinse. But I leave it in for as long as possible because the smell is heavenly. I can not describe the smell some claim it smells like a rainforest…But I have never visit one so how should I know. The smell is devine, just believe me on this one. My hair is easy to comb, it has a shine and it’s not greasy after using this mask. Every moment when I feel like my hair needs an extra boost I apply the rainforest moisture hair butter. Just believe me when I say, it does the trick. Your hair will be less dry, you will love the smell and it contains no silicones, colorants or parabens.
You can buy the mask in the outlet stores from The Body Shop for €7, in the regular store you will have to pay €12,50. Still less than most Lush masks.

More detailed information on this product can be found on this page.

Number two of the body shop favorites

 The ginger anti-dandruff shampoo

Yes I am blessed with dandruff whenever I get stressed. I actually find it strange but stress always gives me dandruff. So from time to time I look for a good dandruff shampoo. I have tried Alverde and it’s amazing (also very cheap), but only available in Germany. So I started searching for a great alternative and this Ginger was my favorite. I have tried Lush, not convinced. I absolutely love the ginger smell, it is rather strong so you might want to get used to it. The best part is that I absolutely feel like this cleans my scalp without drying out my hair. I don’t need to use conditioner after and that is such a difference with most products. After using this I feel like I can already see the difference within a week. I do not use it for every wash because this would be too strong.
I bought this shampoo in the outlet store for €7, normal price is €11.

More detailed information on this product can be found on this page.

Number three of the body shop favorites

The brushes and combs

Yes it might sound a bit crazy but these bamboo brushes are worth the purchase. I was always scared of breaking my hair with regular brushes and I use the combs from the body shop since already 7 years! I bought them together in a package at the airport once, a oval bamboo pin hair brush, the detangling comb and the styling hairbrush. I have been using them every since, just like my boyfriend who uses it to style his hair!
You can find more information on this page. Actually I did have to buy the styling brush again because it broke and I have to say, it was the first time that I really wanted the same brush again! 🙂 Only negative thing, you can’t easily remove the hair but the products just do the job perfect!


Please note that this is a not sponsored post, all products were purchased by me just because The Body Shop does not test on animals!


Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum to fight my dark spots

Hi guys, today I wanted to share my first impressions of the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. I have been "gifted" with dark spots ever since March, it did make me feel slightly less confident and I wanted to fight them. Suffered from sun-damaged skin too… keep on reading.

Caudalie vinoperfect serum

This serum is actually designed for every skin type. So if you have a sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin you can be sure that it will fit you. Not only does it fight dark spot it will also give you a healthy glow. Caudalie claims that dark spots will reduce (83%) and it will give you a more healthy, clear skin (87%). This product is ideal for all who have smoked in the past, have dark spot from pregnancy, sun-deprived or age-related spots and skin marks. Existing dark spots will correct dark spots and prevent your skin against new ones.
Secret ingredients are grapes!

How do you use this vinoperfect serum from Caudalie

You have to use this serum after cleaning and before your moisturizer. Caudalie has launched this serum first but now they have even designed a cleanser that is ideal as a first step. Well I did not buy that first step. 50€ is a lot for a cleanser, I did not even know if the serum worked so I decided to just stick to my normal cleansing routine. The pharmacist told me this was a light scrubbing creme so I just use a scrub ( Ocean Salt from Lush or Hema Facescrub). In the evening I clean my face with Angels on Bare skin ( Lush) or Dark Angels ( Lush). After I apply the Caudalie as described on the package and next I apply my moisturizer. Actually the pharmacist told me it might be better to just use a spf 50 in the future all year long. Perhaps I might give it a try.

The result after 2 weeks of using this Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

The vinoperfect serum will "correct your complexion" in less than 4 weeks. Ok, I'm half way. Let's write a review. First I am always scared from new products. I have a rather sensitive, dry skin. Up until today I have no dry spots or acne at all! So this is a big plus. I am surprised by the little amount of serum that I need to use each time. I believe that this might be a big reason to buy it again in the future. This serum is easy to apply and has a rather neutral smell. I have a feeling that I have a more pretty glow and best part I even notice that my dark spots are getting lighter!

Here is the most beautiful picture of me ever. Believe me when I say, it used to ne worse. I actually already have more confidence and wear no foundation during the week.

The verdict

Caudalie does not test on animals, a big plus or I would not even bought this product. This is an all natural product, containing no parabenes or other minerals. More details can be found Here!
A bottle of serum costs around €49 a rather high price, but my skin has a better glow, looks more healthy and the dark spots are lighter. What more can I ask for? Exactly. I am even thinking about buying the moisturizer next time. This product has suprised me and did more than I expected.

The best homemade scrub

Hi guys, today I experimented with some homemade scrubs. You might have already come across everything with sugar but I wanted some "nourishing" aka moisturizing scrub. If you want to know the best combination for homemade scrub keep on reading.

Scrub each week

I always scrub twice a week. My skin and my body. This scrub is made for your body. I have not yet tested this on my face. I suffer from some pigmentation and I do not want to screw up my face more. You need to scrub once or twice a week to keep your body in the best condition.
Your skin will be smoother, you will have a more natural glow and it will just look more healthy. Get rid of the dead cells on your body and discover a nice, smooth skin!

The ingredients

I used oatmeal and coconut oil. Yes cheap as fuck and very efficient.
One cup of rolled oats and a few spoons of coconutoil. Actually I did not know the exact amount of oil I used but i just added coconutoil until I had a smooth mixture!
Put the oats in the blender add the oil and just blend. Pour it in a jar, store in the fridge and it will become hard. After you can store it in the bathroom.

How to use

You can just take a spoon to get the amount of mixture you need. Let it soak in a bit of hot water and start rubbing on your body. You will notice the coconutoil to become liquid again. You can also use this mixture just by dropping a few spoons in hot water. The coconutoil is an amazing moisturizer.

The verdict

This scrub is easy to make. It does not cost a lot. It is easy to store. When you are on a budget or just love to diy, this is your thing! Big plus it is vegan! Ofcourse this scrub is not as amazing as the rub rub rub from Lush but it is just great to use in between. I absolutely just love to try funny things like this sometimes.

Rosy Cheeks face mask by Lush

Hi Guys, another day another Lush review. Want to know what I did the other day, read it here. Today I felt like informing you about this lovely pink face mask that smells like roses. The Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask is one of those that any skin type can use without being scared. Want to discover why this might be the mask for you? Keep on reading. If you ever tried this mask, feel free to share your opinion below.

Rosy Cheeks makes you clean and it’s fresh

These fresh face masks are made of essential oils, fruits, veggies and active ingredients like lemon juice. This is the reasons why the masks can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks. After the masks will still be good but the active ingredients will lose power.
Rosy cheeks is ideal for a sensitive skin. It will give you a deep clean and leaves you with a matte finished, beautiful skin.
the package of the fresh face mask Rosy Cheeks by Lush

Calming rosy roses

A blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil calms the face and restores balance. I love the smell and the texture. It’s an easy to use mask, no little pieces to clean, not strong smell. I guess next to to “Don’t Look At Me” this has to be my favorite face mask. Yes I tried them all. The only thing you have to do before buying is smell the sample. If you do not like the smell it’s not your face mask. I once bought a mask containing tea tree and I could not stand it. My favorite routine is to apply this mask in the tub, relax for 15 minutes and rinse my face. I love the matte finish.

ingredients from Rosy Cheeks by Lush

The best way to take care of your skin

I apply two types of face masks each week. Once a week I apply a green mud mask (Mask of Magnaminty) and the second time I go for this Rosy Cheeks mask. I am one of the lucky few who have no acne at all. I do have a very dry, sensitive skin but this combination seems to work best for me. Before applying a mask I always do a quick scrub. When I have loads of time I go for a Dream Steam toner tab. I will explain this one later this month. Want to learn more about the Lush face masks, just click here!

The verdict

For my sensitive skin this mask is a real great option. It cleans deep and you will have a soft, matte finish. That I really, really love. I also find this one the one with the best smell. This product is rather expensive, but you can do a few times with one jar. Above you can see a jar that has been used already 3 times. When you collect 5 empty jars you can trade them in the Lush store for a free mask. Just like all Lush products this one is not tested on animals and suitable for vegans!

Did you already tried Rosy Cheeks? How did you like it?


Lush Shampoo bar Montalbano

What’s in a name “Montalbano”, when other Lush products have a catchy name this one is rather hard to remember. Ok, I admit it I tried it because it smells amazing. I needed a new shampoo bar and I just took the one that smells the best. Montalbano was actually a pleasant discovery and probably became my favorite shampoo bar. Want to know why this heavenly bar is worth it’s price… keep on reading!

Montalbano, a divine smell

I still try to discover what on earth the name has to do with the product. When I google Montalbano I find out that it’s an Italian inspector with no hair and a region in Italy. Ok, let’s just skip the name. This little bar contains lemonjuice, green olives and rosemary. I guess it is the lemon smell that stole my heart. I am always going for this smell when I buy Lush. I absolutely can suggest you to just go to the store and smell the bar! You will just disvoer exactly what I mean with “divine”.
a picture of the Montalbano bar from Lush

Montalbano shampoo bar the facts

Rosemary cleans your scalp, olives will provide your hair to be more elastic en lemon provides the amazing smell. The lemon will also take off some color of your hair. For the blonds, this is a natural lightning product, if you are a brunette like me you will see some difference. If you just use it once a week you do not have to worry about this. The effect is the same as the sun, I might even say I think it was less effective. Another reason why I love this Montalbano bar is the cleansing effect. I love shampoos that clean my scalp and hair, downside you will have to use a conditioner. My hair felt more dry, but I have this with almost all shampoos. Conditioning is just part of my life. If you have greasy hair you will notice that this bar will take care of your hair.

The verdict

Montalbano is a great shampoo bar, the smell is amazing and it really gives your hair more shine. This product is vegan, not tested on animals and ecofriendly (no packaging).
A shampoo bar is just as easy to use as a regular liquid shampoo. How do you use it:
Rinse your hair and rub it on your scalp, it will create foam and you can wash your hair.
Let the bar dry after use and you will notice that it will last for a rather long time.

Normally you should be able to use a bar for 80 times. Honestly I never counted it, but I have the idea that the are long lasting. Making them great value for money (8€ a bar).
This bar is ideal to pack when you go on holidays because it is solid. Want to know more about the different shampoo bars, go to the page of lush overhere.