Set goals and discovere these running facts

My running adventure is going great. After hitting 10k I was already superexited. Now I set new goals and try to reach for the stars. Here are new running facts that I discovered.

Running is addictive
Yes and I admit I still find it hard to keep on going but honestly I can not imagine no being able to run. I run each 2 days and I feel like I am already hooked on that pattern. If I could I would run each day but my muscles need some rest.

Running clears your head
During my run I feel free. I have the power to keep on going without being held back. It is just me, a playlist and the woods. My mind is set on the run and nothing else. Time, I do not keep it in mind. If I am late for work because I ran more… so be it.

Motivation is made by goals

Each run I have a goal. That amount of miles, finish within a certain time. Sometimes I even crush my goals. Each week I want to increase my miles. Not by big distance but small steps. So failure will not be that bad.

The runners high it does exist
I was in doubt of it at first. Because whenever I ran 5k I never felt it. But after hitting 8k I had a feeling that I could run even more. Sometimes I believe it is also caused by running in the woods. Especially in the morning the scenery takes my breath away. Some peace before hitting the rush of everyday life.


And guess what, today I crushed 12k! I felt so happy! My face was red, I was tired, I needed to stretch but woooh I was so happy! I really need to download runkeeper because it’s a better way to track my progress 😀


Time off

Hi guys, I had awefull days at work so I took some time off. I am now resting at home and when you read this I will be in Amsterdam for the weekend. Looked forward to this trip for a while. I am in desperate need of vacay.

While I only have a day to relax I decided to clean up my garden and enjoy some sunshine. I really need to get more days off. I guess it will not be easy. During the years I noticed that I am somehow not made for a normal routine.

Jobwise I hopped for one stupid thing into another.. in the end I never found satisfaction,felt depressed and actually got the feeling that I am not capable to function as others. Perhap it’s just the sector, but I cleared my mind and decided to go for something completely different. Motiviational letter ready, Cv updated and let’s give it a try. I will send out my “copywritingskills” and hope to be able to find my passion.

Time off can be somewhat all you need to realise if you have to keep on going you need to make changes. I don’t know if I actually can manage to get another job but I am going to give it a try. Life’s to short to be unhappy.

And perhaps it might sound stupid but I still need to work at least for 39 years or so I want to do something I like. I am tired of fights and shit. I want more freedom and I can’t have it at the place I am right now. I guess sometimes you need to have eyeopening moments and this is mine. Logistics au revoire, not wanting to see you ever again!

I will share my journee with you guys!! As I am scared of failing I did not even dare to send out my CV and letter. My boyfriend tries to convince me ☺️ and tells me to “give it a try”.

Curves, and what if you hate them

Curves, you can hate them, you can love them, but when you have them you have to deal with them. Honestly I have a real hate-relationship with my curves. I feel like my ass and my boobs hold me back a lot. I do not like them at all. I can not wear my favorite style, they are not actually sport friendly, they make me look fat.

They make me look fat. There I said it. This is the biggest issue I have with my boobs and legs. They make me look fat. I can repeat it a million times. But I can not change them. I could get rid of them with surgery, but first it’s not worth the investment and the risks. So I am trying to get rid of them with exercising, minimizing bra’s.. . I am jealous when people loose weight on their chest. Ok, I feel like a complainer right now.

Curves are “embraced” nowadays. And how hard I try, I do not seem to succeed in “embracing” them. They keep on bothering me. Why do I adore skinny people and why do I seem not able to get that fantasy out of my head. During the whole recovery process I always ended up wanting to be thin. Still. I feel amazing when I am able to run 10K, I feel amazing that I see my body become more strong. But I also want to loose my curves please.

So that’s when I thought, I do not need to embrace them because everybody else does. I just have to keep going. Exercising makes me feel good, one day I will succeed in loving my body.  But right now, I do not embrace my curves. I embrace the strength I have to push me for running 10 K 3 times a week. The strength to go boarding all day long! So thank you persistence for not letting me down!


Sad world.

Hi guys, I had another blog planned for today. But I rescheduled. I felt like my complaints, my clothes or my whatever was not important. It is not important. Today I just want to share love.

After Paris, Brussels,… it was that time again. We woke up with the horrible news that over 20 innocent people lost their life. Each day people are killed for no reason. And whenever it is close to home we are brutally awaken by the fact that it also could happen to us. For people in the Middle East it can actually happen each minute.

We do not need to pray. We do need to act. Spread love and conquer the hate! Not only in Europe but all over the world. Terrorism, drugwars, trafficing, it kills daily. Innocent lifes are taken. And we do nothing.

Ok, we can not save an entire world, but we can spread a vibe! A vibe of love, positivity and compassion! Don’t be a racist, don’t be homophonic, be openminded!


Do not live in fear. Fear is not what we should show! We should show positivity and strenght!


My thoughts are with all of you!


My week in pictures

Hi guys, just a random post today with some of my favorite instagram pictures!

Last weekend I managed to buy a perfect oversized blazer from Blune Paris! It was in sales and it was perfect. A long black blazer with golden details. I was looking for a bomber jacket but this one passed my path and I was sold immediately. It actually was the last one in store and I was so happy that the fit was amazing!


Next up I celebrated mothersday by spoiling myself. I crashed last week at work, due to the pressure that I continued to feel and I just looked for a “me-time-weekend”. I went to Lush to buy my favorite bubble bars and bath bomb. Later I bought some delicious MoMade Cupcakes for me and my boyfriend! Oh I can really enjoy those cheatdays! I have been eating only pure food the last week so this was a real pleasure! Yes I am eating more and more veggies each day, avoiding vegetarian meat-stuff and only eat whole grains like spelt. My stomach is less bloated and I feel better.



Another goal has been reached, at the moment I have worked out 8 days in a row! That’s like not a great example but I need it to clear my mind and release the stress! I ran 10 k, I ran 5k, walked 10k, used my cross trainer the other days to complete a 45 minuten work out each day. Plus I am trying to do breathing exercises! Pushing it? Perhaps, but it just feels like the right thing to do at the time.


So I guess you could say I was mostly working out last week! This week I am trying to do the same. I already managed to complete a 45 minute workout. On Wednesday I have this cooooool shopping event! All you french connection lovers should really be there!


I try to eat more veggies and fruits but I feel like a piece of chocolat should be ok to have. At least I need to manage my stresslevels!

The joy of 10 K!

Hi Guys, just two days after hitting 8K I managed to run 10,2K! You could not believe how happy I was with reaching this goal. It has been 2 years since I managed to run this magic number! Although each run feels good it has been playing in my mind that I could not run 10 K anymore…

10 K in 1 month

I guess it has been my mindset that let me down because if you see how I managed to hit 10 k in only one month I quite surprised myself. My physique is not that bad at all! It has been all in my mind that I was tired after a 5 k run. After being home from my last snowboarding trip me and my boyfriend started our trailrunning adventure. Bit more heavy than just your regular streetrun. I admit I hit the 10 K on the streets. I started with 5 k in the woods and increasing each time but we did not really went above 8K.

image1 (1)

Mental game

I guess you have to admit that we all can run. You actually do not need no special capacity or anything. You just have to get started, focus and set goals. Minor goals that you can increase easily at the start. Each win will make you feel better and you will more easily continue your workout. Getting over that 5 K is hard!
What I need to reach this :
– a great outfit, I have to feel good in my clothes
– a great pair of running shoes (I will never run without my NikeFree runs)
– a regular workout
– a great playlist
I downloaded Deezer so I can listen to my favorite bands.

When you feel like giving up during after that first 30 minutes it’s mentally hard to keep on going. I just try to make my runs this big that I could not quit. I would have to walk a long time and would be too late for work. Next I kept telling to myself “cmon you can do this” , “one more street, cmon”. Sounds so stupid but it really helpt me reach the 10 K.

And now?

Awkward, I have set no new goals yet. I just want to manage to run 10 k a few more times before hitting 12K. I still think that I believe that overdoing it is not really good. I do not want to end up with sore knees like in the past (I used to ran 17K). But the best part is that I feel more happy in my body. And that is why I do it. That body-acceptance part. Because working out is great, but being happy with my body is the ultimate!

Guilty pleasure

Sunday funday! Guilty pleasure number 2 this week! Today I am gonna share my ultimate favorite band with you guys…
What do you expect?

Babyshambles! Yes or the Libertines. I kinda like them both but I do love Babyshambles somewhat more. Almost the same band, I admit probably why I can not decide. Yes my favorite band includes my favorite artist enfant terribles mister Pete Doherty! The junkie of british music, but what a talented man he is! I have actually started listening to babyshambles a long, long time ago. I think he was probably dating Kate Moss at that time. The single fuck forever stole my heart and I am hooked ever since!!

As a lover of most british bands I prefer more rock’n’roll than the kooks.Give me The smiths, Oasis, The Cure, guess Libertines and Babyshambles fit that picture perfectly. Songs about mayhem, guys who bring mayhem… it’s always been my weakness! And yes I have seen them perform live and no it was not always amazing. But the last times Pete was back and performing better than ever!


After listening to all the songs a million times I still like them. I often put them on during my workouts. I think this music is ideal to get rid of all my feelings!


Favorite track, hard to pick so here is a selection of the song I love the most. I went for some unknown ones. More fun for you guys to discover.



Honestly I think because off the fuzz around doherty many people ignored the music. A bit a shame because he really writes and creates amazing songs! It’s all about looking at the bigger picture in this case. He is not the ex-junkie, ex of moss, he’s a creative mind. People tend to forget that a lot of bands are bad when they perform live! Give some songs a try and then decide. You might like it! 💖