Slow fashion, choose well make it last

Hi Guys, today I wanted to present you my favorite Belgian slow fashion brands. With slow fashion I actually do not mean second hand. I mean that they are rather expensive, but they have a high quality level so they are long lasting. As my instramfeed is taken over by H&M, Zara, Primark and other chain fashion I find it more and more necessary to consume on another level.

Choose well make it last

I do not want to throw away my shirt after just one wash. I want my clothes to last and look good for years. More and more I want to be different by consuming better. Don’t expect me to go and buy Gucci. No I don’t have the money to buy at a high price. Here are some brands that you need to check out and how you can buy them.

Buy less and wait

Best tip has to be “wait for sales”. Sales are the moment when you can actually buy something expensive for a rather great price. Expensive brands often give 50% after one week. So it is worth the wait! Another great moment to keep in mind are the stocksales. Just like regular sales most brands do this twice a year. Follow your favorite brands on facebook to keep an eye on their pages for these dates. Often prices are even better than in sales. Outlet-stores are another thing that you need to visit. Just look for the collection from last year and you will actually be able to score amazing things for a low price.

My favorite Belgian Brands

Essentiel Antwerp

I can not ignore the fact that I love, love, love this brand. It is rather expensive but I scored already 2 shirts during the sales this year. Check out the website from this slow fashion brand here.  Amazing dresses, great shoes, awesome sweaters and even more beautiful bags. This Belgian brand is actually one of my favorite brands and they offer such great quality! I mean you will actually be amazed.
wearing an Essential Antwerp tshirt, favorite slow fashion brand

LN Knits

High on my wishlist for next winter is a piece from LN KNITS! This brand is slow fashion and even better FAIRTRADE! All items are handmade, high quality Alpaca yarn and no mass production. What more can you ask for. Prices are rather high, but you get an amazing piece. I do not own anything yet but the brand has intrigued me already for a couple of months. LN Knits means no child labor, no blood, nothing bad. Worth the investment. Check out the website for this amazing Belgian brand here.

La Fille D’O

We can wear loads of clothes, but what about lingerie! I always have been a fan of Murielle Scherre and her designs. She creates the most amazing bra’s and is a fighter for body acceptance. The background from the brand is written on this page. The products are produced in Belgian by women who earn a good wage. They are not exploited. They design, the background, the facts… Actually, why wouldn’t you support La Fille D’O?

Of course these are just a few brands that are worth the investment. All over the globe you have amazing brands that are of high quality. But at this moment I could actually say these are my favorites.

Do you know some brands that I need to know. SHARE WITH ME!

Wearing Essentiel Antwerp

Gedaan met die plastieke bloemen?

Heerlijk de zomer is nu officieel van start gegaan en de festivals staan voor de deur. Het eerste belangrijke fashion-festival kan je ongetwijfeld Coachella noemen. Dit Amerikaanse festival is steeds een trendsetter van formaat. En wat heb ik onthouden… dat het gedaan is met die plastieke bloemen in jouw haar!

Heeeeerlijk! Ja nog nooit ben ik zo blij geweest dat een trend voorbij is! Ik geef met plezier toe dat ik een bloemenmeisje ben, maar dan wel eentje van echte bloemen! Dus voor al diegene die bloemen toch willen dragen… go for the real deal! En er is slechts éen dame in heel België die weet hoe het wel moet! Kijk dit plaatje komt van haar instagram en is gewoon de perfectie:


Dus voor iedereen die iets heeft met echte bloemen volg als de bliksem Wildflowers and Vodka! Alleen al voor de naam ;-)!

Nieuwe trend die wel gespot wordt zijn glitters. En ook al is mijn naam Glitters and Mayhem.. toch weet ik niet of ik 100% fan ben. Maar weet je, ik ben geen trendvolger. Ik ga naar festivals voor de muziek, tu m’as vu interesseert me geen reet! Sneakers, jeans, bandshirt, halloo je gaat toch voor de bands. Anders kan je net zo goed glitters over jouw kop smeren en streamen!

Ik klink wel een verzuurde zaag. Maar waar het eigelijk fout gaat is dat hele influencial thing. You decide what you like. Nu en als je zin hebt om je duizend keer te pijnigen met sleehakken op de weide van Werchter be my guest, maar vergeef me dat ik daar wat sta bij te lachen.

Draag toch gewoon waar je zin in hebt, zolang het maar geen plastieke rommel bloemen zijn ;-)!

Soms ben ik waarschijnlijk veel te eerlijk,maar he je kan er toch beter om lachen dan mee huilen!

Heatwave – wear

Hi Guys, since a few days the weather hits over 30 degrees, sounds like real fun yes? Well actually it also means sleepless nights, mosquitoes and not feeling comfortable in anything you wear. Well I can not cure a sleepless night but I wanted to give you some details in how to be fashionable during the heatwave. In today’s post you will discover the best heatwave-wear.

Heatwave-wear for everyday

As a fan of shirt and maxi dresses you can immediately imagine what you will see pop up. I am a huge fan of both because they are so easy to wear. Maxi dresses are chique and you will just look more glamorous without trying. Combine the dress with flats. They are so much more pleasant to wear in hot weather. One of my favorite shirt dresses has to be this one from French Connection. They are really a brand that has a lot of awesome shirt dresses. And if in doubt, I always go for this one.

How I wear it

I combined it with a classic slip on. Ideal to go on a citytrip, or to a bar. I would even say this dress is office-proof.


Then you have the maxi dress. I have 2 a more casual one and a more chique one. The casual one is a striped dress from Co Couture. The more chique one is again from French Connection.  When you do think a maxi dress is too much, ignore that feeling. If you go for a neutral color or stripes it is never overdressed. A maxi dress is ideal to hide your legs. Yes this is the reason I love them so. Think you are too short? Skip that feeling immediately. I am only 162cm and I rock them each summer.

How I wear it

This Co Couture dress is ideal for a family visit, restaurant visit, day in the city. Easy to combine with slip ons, sneakers or a sandal. Oh yes you could go for heels, but you know that’s not my thing.


The next one has to be the best piece in my dressing it’s the French Connection dress. It was a more expensive purchase but the best one ever. I do wear it for weddings, dinners, just strolling around. When my body-image needs a boost…. this one saves the day.


What about jumpsuits?

I actually own one. I wear it sometimes, but it’s not my favorite thing. It’s not easy to wear. Honestly when it’s hot and you have to go to the bathroom you have to undress completely. You know what it’s ideal for, bikeriding. Or when you have to go somewhere you know you will not pee. Ok, point taken.  The short version? Always difficult, it’s about how confident you are in your skin. I am not a fan of shorts, I do believe they only look good on Gigi or Moss. Just my point of view guys! Don’t take it too hard :).

Heatwave-wear office proof

For this part I had to go search on “pinterest” for pictures. I always go for loose pants whenever the weather is over 25°C. Skinny jeans is not your friend on hot days. If you wan to go for a dress make sure your not overdoing it. It’s work, not a restaurant visit or a day in the city.  A dress too short might not be appreciated.

A loose pants combined with a tucked in shirt is ideal. It really looks amazing. Look at these pictures. Go for light colors like white, grey, beige. Or pastels, now is the moment to wear them.

You really have to search for the best fabrics that breath. Think cotton, tencel blend, linen and light wool. Go for a loose fit, ideal is that you even have room underneath your arms.  I have a few linen shirts from Zoe Karssen and they are a blessing on days like this. I am still looking for the perfect heatwave proof pants.

If the office has an airco, wear a scarf or cardigan that you can take off when you leave. Drink a hot beverage as it will cool down your body after. Wash your wrists with cold water on the toilets.

And what do you think of these heatwave-wear options? Like them? Have fun searching for your perfect wear guys!

Roze en zwart

Twijfelachtig weer, twijfelachtige dagen… als vrouw ken je dat wel. Een bomvolle kleerkast en nog niet weten wat te dragen. Ik ben zo ook eentje, vaak beperk ik mijn keuzes tot roze of zwart.

Roze of zwart
Roze of zwart zijn natuurlijk geen kleuren. Het staat voor mijn gevoel. Soms voel in me ubergoed, happy kiddo in mijn lijf. Op een echte roze wolk.
Op andere dagen wil ik verdwijnen in mijn typische sweater en jeans. Het aantal sweaters in mijn kast is niet te tellen. Zwart en grijs doen het altijd goed. Ze voelen zo vertrouwt. Een offday doet me altijd grijpen naar mijn heerlijke sweaters.

Roze dagen staan garant voor kleedjes, oh that’s been a year… jep. Schaamtevol geef ik zelf toe dat ik me niet te girly kleed. Reden? Ik ben vorig jaar flink bijgekomen. Nu dat ik terug ga lopen heb ik al meer zelfvertrouwen en terug zin in roze dagen! Roze dagen staan voor speciale items. Nooit voor over the top en toch nog mij. Je zou je aan over the top dingen verwachten, niets is minder waar. Ik mix geen 10 kleuren, geen 2 lipsticks. Ik hou wel van unieke stucks!

Een kleerkast vol kleren van draagbaar tot specialer. Voor elke gelegenheid heb ik wel enkele items. Gedaan met die zwarte dagen. We gaan terug voor de switch. Dare to stand out! Dress up, show up, never give up!

Ik los dilemma’s meestal op met terug te grijpen naar mijn vertrouwde stuks. Daarnaast heb ik een heleboel hemdjes voor die echte “ik kan niet kiezen” momentjes. Iets netter dan een sweater en toch niet extreem. Beter voor die saaie meetings.

Vandaag toch een heerlijke sweater gekozen..
Wel een roze! Mijn favoriet van het moment! Wil je weten welk merk, deze is van CoCouture.


Aja en ik heb ineens ook een kleedje durven dragen deze week! We boeken vooruitgang!!

Kleedje: Cocouture
Vest: Blune Paris
Tas: Karl Lagerfeld
Sneakers: Vans



A week in pictures

Hi guys, another week another lookbook from my life! Guess you will notice I bought loads of new clothes. Well why not? It was time to invest… in timeless pieces! Guess what? I bought all from my favorite brands!

French connection please

When you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.. go for stripes! You absolutely can’t do anything wrong with stripes! You create this amazing Parisian vibe. I found this timeless piece from French Connection and absolutely adore it! I loved it so much that I actually both a second one.



I have a thing with “long sleeves” lately. Ideal to wear under a kimono, blazer, but also great to wear to work! Always better than a regular tshirt.


And this last one was too funny! I could not just leave it in store!


Co couture as a plus
The following items are from co couture! An amazing Danish new brand that offers great quality for a fair price! Love it!
I was looking for a bomber already a few weeks, did not want to spend too much and then this one popped up!

And that sweater! Seriously, how can you not love it? The color, the birds and you should feel it! It is so soft! I actually hope it will no be too hot for the following weeks.
Both of these items are timeless because I know I will wear it a million times.



Guess you can ser my style switches from tomboy/street to Parisian! I actually believe this is the best way to dress for me. I am not a girly girl. But I was planning on starting to wear dresses again! Haha let’s hope that next week I can show you some dresses. I still need to get a bit more confident to wear dresses!

Meet the brand: Antwerp Avenue

Hi guys, today I am sharing this amazing Antwerp based brand with you! Learn to know Antwerp Avenue. Founded by the amazing Jessica.

Pink and stylish
Phonecases used to be boring or practical but that is over. Especially why you meet Antwerp Avenue. Expect amazing funny,cute and girly phonecovers and laptopsleeves.
The cases are designed by Jessica herself. She is a real great painter, designer and a real boss lady! Her goal, to bring art to a larger public. And she did a great job!


Quality above quantity
Each case is so nicely packed and you will be amazed when you take the case out. It was shipped within 3 days and chances are that nobody has this case in my wide circle of friends! This last part is what I like. Next up, when you buy a case from Antwerp Avenue you support a business woman! Who works hard day in day out for her own shop! Seriously I just had to support her and this case was in sale!
Price of cases is normally around €30 but when you read all the things I said you should feel immediately better.


Check out the website here! And order yours! Why? Because you support an amazing brand in Belgium! My order was shipped for free and I received it so fast! Not interested in the phonecases? The laptopsleeves are just as pinkish and girly!

The brand Antwerp Avenue is booming, it has already been featured in magazines like cosmopolitan! This is why this is a true musthave! Get it while it’s still young and growing!


Oh and in case you wonder, this is a non-sponsored post! I just love to support small business! This lady is a true inspiration! She is so friendly! Go follow them on instagram @antwerpavenue!

Follow me on instagram @seesje for more pictures from my awesome case!

My week in pictures

Hi guys, just a random post today with some of my favorite instagram pictures!

Last weekend I managed to buy a perfect oversized blazer from Blune Paris! It was in sales and it was perfect. A long black blazer with golden details. I was looking for a bomber jacket but this one passed my path and I was sold immediately. It actually was the last one in store and I was so happy that the fit was amazing!


Next up I celebrated mothersday by spoiling myself. I crashed last week at work, due to the pressure that I continued to feel and I just looked for a “me-time-weekend”. I went to Lush to buy my favorite bubble bars and bath bomb. Later I bought some delicious MoMade Cupcakes for me and my boyfriend! Oh I can really enjoy those cheatdays! I have been eating only pure food the last week so this was a real pleasure! Yes I am eating more and more veggies each day, avoiding vegetarian meat-stuff and only eat whole grains like spelt. My stomach is less bloated and I feel better.



Another goal has been reached, at the moment I have worked out 8 days in a row! That’s like not a great example but I need it to clear my mind and release the stress! I ran 10 k, I ran 5k, walked 10k, used my cross trainer the other days to complete a 45 minuten work out each day. Plus I am trying to do breathing exercises! Pushing it? Perhaps, but it just feels like the right thing to do at the time.


So I guess you could say I was mostly working out last week! This week I am trying to do the same. I already managed to complete a 45 minute workout. On Wednesday I have this cooooool shopping event! All you french connection lovers should really be there!


I try to eat more veggies and fruits but I feel like a piece of chocolat should be ok to have. At least I need to manage my stresslevels!