A week in pictures

Hi guys, another week another lookbook from my life! Guess you will notice I bought loads of new clothes. Well why not? It was time to invest… in timeless pieces! Guess what? I bought all from my favorite brands!

French connection please

When you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.. go for stripes! You absolutely can’t do anything wrong with stripes! You create this amazing Parisian vibe. I found this timeless piece from French Connection and absolutely adore it! I loved it so much that I actually both a second one.



I have a thing with “long sleeves” lately. Ideal to wear under a kimono, blazer, but also great to wear to work! Always better than a regular tshirt.


And this last one was too funny! I could not just leave it in store!


Co couture as a plus
The following items are from co couture! An amazing Danish new brand that offers great quality for a fair price! Love it!
I was looking for a bomber already a few weeks, did not want to spend too much and then this one popped up!

And that sweater! Seriously, how can you not love it? The color, the birds and you should feel it! It is so soft! I actually hope it will no be too hot for the following weeks.
Both of these items are timeless because I know I will wear it a million times.



Guess you can ser my style switches from tomboy/street to Parisian! I actually believe this is the best way to dress for me. I am not a girly girl. But I was planning on starting to wear dresses again! Haha let’s hope that next week I can show you some dresses. I still need to get a bit more confident to wear dresses!

Meet the brand: Antwerp Avenue

Hi guys, today I am sharing this amazing Antwerp based brand with you! Learn to know Antwerp Avenue. Founded by the amazing Jessica.

Pink and stylish
Phonecases used to be boring or practical but that is over. Especially why you meet Antwerp Avenue. Expect amazing funny,cute and girly phonecovers and laptopsleeves.
The cases are designed by Jessica herself. She is a real great painter, designer and a real boss lady! Her goal, to bring art to a larger public. And she did a great job!


Quality above quantity
Each case is so nicely packed and you will be amazed when you take the case out. It was shipped within 3 days and chances are that nobody has this case in my wide circle of friends! This last part is what I like. Next up, when you buy a case from Antwerp Avenue you support a business woman! Who works hard day in day out for her own shop! Seriously I just had to support her and this case was in sale!
Price of cases is normally around €30 but when you read all the things I said you should feel immediately better.


Check out the website here! And order yours! Why? Because you support an amazing brand in Belgium! My order was shipped for free and I received it so fast! Not interested in the phonecases? The laptopsleeves are just as pinkish and girly!

The brand Antwerp Avenue is booming, it has already been featured in magazines like cosmopolitan! This is why this is a true musthave! Get it while it’s still young and growing!


Oh and in case you wonder, this is a non-sponsored post! I just love to support small business! This lady is a true inspiration! She is so friendly! Go follow them on instagram @antwerpavenue!

Follow me on instagram @seesje for more pictures from my awesome case!

My week in pictures

Hi guys, just a random post today with some of my favorite instagram pictures!

Last weekend I managed to buy a perfect oversized blazer from Blune Paris! It was in sales and it was perfect. A long black blazer with golden details. I was looking for a bomber jacket but this one passed my path and I was sold immediately. It actually was the last one in store and I was so happy that the fit was amazing!


Next up I celebrated mothersday by spoiling myself. I crashed last week at work, due to the pressure that I continued to feel and I just looked for a “me-time-weekend”. I went to Lush to buy my favorite bubble bars and bath bomb. Later I bought some delicious MoMade Cupcakes for me and my boyfriend! Oh I can really enjoy those cheatdays! I have been eating only pure food the last week so this was a real pleasure! Yes I am eating more and more veggies each day, avoiding vegetarian meat-stuff and only eat whole grains like spelt. My stomach is less bloated and I feel better.



Another goal has been reached, at the moment I have worked out 8 days in a row! That’s like not a great example but I need it to clear my mind and release the stress! I ran 10 k, I ran 5k, walked 10k, used my cross trainer the other days to complete a 45 minuten work out each day. Plus I am trying to do breathing exercises! Pushing it? Perhaps, but it just feels like the right thing to do at the time.


So I guess you could say I was mostly working out last week! This week I am trying to do the same. I already managed to complete a 45 minute workout. On Wednesday I have this cooooool shopping event! All you french connection lovers should really be there!


I try to eat more veggies and fruits but I feel like a piece of chocolat should be ok to have. At least I need to manage my stresslevels!

My favorite summer looks

Hi guys,
Today I searched on pinterest my favorite Summer looks! And I found some interesting looks. Keep on reading if you want to know what to buy for this summer!

Skirt and shirt
I love love love long skirts! I do not wear skirts often but I do love how a long skirt looks on every woman! Yes because no matter your bodytype a long skirt is always a big yes. Combine the skirt with a simple shirt for a more casual look. This look is more dressed down and you can wear it to any occasion!


All black punk
Vans are back and here to stay! Combine them with skinny jeans and band shirt and you are ready to rock a festival. An all black outfit is so amazing and simple at the same time. If you are in doubt this outfit gives you the necessary confident. Want to add color, buy Vans in a crazy color! They launch so many awesome collections.


Suits you
This twinset stole my heart. It looks boho chique. Yes this beats most MK Olsen looks! I think you can never have enough of these pants for summer. Loose, not too warm, office proof. Easy to combine with a simple white shirt or black (depending on the color of the pants). Combine the 2 pieces together for a nice event like a wedding and wear seperately for a dressed down look! Investing in a 2 piece is the best thing you can do! I bought it years ago from french connection and I still wear the pieces seperately.


Break my bankaccount

This last look is sooooooo amazing. That gucci! Yes sometimes a girl can dream. I love the Gucci sneakers and belt. I would combine it with another bag but this outfit proofs that the right accessories can really create a look. Simple jeans and white shirt are updated with these designer items!


Did you expected dresses? Well dresses are easy, it’s one piece… these looks are so much more fun!

Chanel Cruise 2018

Oh spring, time to look at Vogue and dream. Yes May is the time for the springcollections aka “cruise collection”. Just like each year I end up dreaming about Chanel on the Vogue website. Honestly I loved this years show and this is why…

Back to the past

The Cruise Collection from this year was presented in La Grand Palais in Paris. Normally the cruise collecions are always presented around the world. Remember the fuzz about Cuba last year. This year Chanel stays in Paris. For this collection Karl Lagerfeld went back to ancient Greece. Titled β€œThe Modernity of Antiquity,” .



Gold accents, gladiator shoes, draping, off shoulder looks and a headband. These are the most important items of the looks. Back in these periods in history women were instroduced as godesses! What a great homage to us!


My favorite look
I completely fell in love with the complete blue look. The golden chanel logo is so pretty, yet subtile. It looks amazing, is wearable and so pretty!


That jacket
And altough the setting might change some items will always be classic. Like the signature tweed jacket. Also represent in this Cruise Collection.


Facts: the entire grand palais was redecorated to look real ancient and Green.
None of his muses, lilly-rose, Gigi and others made it to the show… still recovering from the Met Gala. Shame on you muses!

So if you love to watch pictures of fashion shows, head over to the vogue website! You can watch all looks presented by each designer!

What was your favorite look of this show? Do you remember the iconic tshirt from last year from Cuba? I still adore it. It has “lifegoals” written all over it! Cruise collections are often more wearable and somewhat more “young” πŸ’–.


My style this week

Hi Guys,
Today I wanted to share you with my looks this past week! Expect real streetstyle. Nothing too girly girly but all with a twist. I switched from casual to Parisian and back! All pictures are from my instagram! If you like them, go follow me @seesje! πŸ’–

Paris Affair

My first look is ideal for all of you who love to do a citytrip but still want to be fashionable! This long cardigan by Wanderlust is my favorite piece of the season! Wear it over a regular tshirt and you will stand out. Easy sneakers make the look cityproof! For those who are interested you can shop the cardigan at this website!

Vest: wanderlust
Denim: Mother
Shoes: nike
Bag: Karl Lagerfeld


One of my favorite items is this Bomber that I bought on sale from Alpha Industries. I own it already a year and still I adore the color! I was scared that I would get tired of it, but no it did not happen. It is probably the most easy look of them.

Bomber: Alpha Industries
Pants: Love Moschino
Sneakers: nike
Bag: Karl Lagerfeld
Scarf: h&m


First sunshine of the week and I could even wear a tshirt. I just wore something simple for shopping and after I went for a run. My bag contains water and my running gear. Absolutely love this easy totebag I received at Enes! One of the most beautiful stores in Belgium! As you can see I love to dress really casual.

Shirt: Zoe Karssen
Pants: Mother
Bag: Enes
Sneakers: Nike


Pardon my French

This Saturday I went for a Parisian look! Loose hair and stripes! Whenever I feel like dressing up or feminine I go for French Connection! This brand is my favorite one for nice dresses, awesome girly tops and amazing pants. You have the best value for money.

Glasses: Wildfox
Shirt: French Connection


This is one of the few times that I shared my outfits with you guys!!!! How did you like it??? πŸ’–

Comfortably fabulous

Some people claim that comfortable outfits can’t look amazing! I wanted to proof them wrong! I selected some of the most amazing looks that are comfortable and fabulous! Want to know how to do it, keep on reading…

A long cardigan

Just like a long coat a long cardigan looks way more fabulous than a short version! It is comfortable, you won’t be cold, and it looks amazing! Even on short people! I recently bought one. Just make sure to fit and judge well, it has to be a bit above the ankles! Too long, too big or wrong fitting will make it look cheap! Easy to combine with simple jeans, sneakers and shirt! Ideal to wear in the weekend!




Go for sneakers

Yes, sneakers are often comfortable and fabulous! Vans, nike and adidas are the most well known sneakers. If I plan on walking a few miles I wear nike shoes, for work I combine jeans with Vans, Msgm slip ons! Slip ons always will look a bit more fashionable. Try no to follow trends blind, adidas stan smiths, yes we have seen them, now move on and try other brands/models. Clean them enough and they will look more classy!



No leggings, no joggings

Both of them should only be worn for workouts! Leggings are not pants, seriously do I really have to say this after all these years! Joggings… please, you have enough comfortable jeansbrands and other pants! Try a nice chino, wear a moms-jeans! Again fitting is everything, too big looks cheap, too tight will be not comfortable at all! Try the pants in the store, do they feel bad already but look good.. you will not wear them!



Do you love fashion but don’t want to give up on comfort? Go for the right fabrics. Silk, satin, hard fabrics are not comfortable! Chose linnen, cotton, feel the fabrics in store. Try on everything you buy because oversized is not always a good option!