French? Ah oui

So the last few days I already had some French vibes and it reflected in my outfits. Stripes? Check! And even a hat. Curious about the latest looks, keep on reading.

How to dress french

What you actually need is stripes, great basics and something special. Special always means a nice bag, sneakers or a hat. Don’t overdo it on the colors. Parisians keep it simple, blue, black, white and grey always work. Avoid pink. Pink is for girls and Parisians are ladies. My favorite item is this French Connection long sleeve. Combine it with a blazer, jeans and sneakers and you are cityproof. Skip the blazer and go for a cardigan if you want to dress down.



A hat a day
If you might think that a normal french look is boring, just add a hat. It gives this updated look. It’s a bit rock’n’roll. This look might even be too boring without a nice accessory but a striped shirt is something you really need. This striped shirt is from Springfield. Not to expensive but it has great fit! If you don’t want to spend a lot, look at the quality of the fabric and the fitting. Never buy a size too tiny.. that’s not french! French ladies do not look cheap. They look classy!


What do you think about the looks?? Got a bit inspired! What’s your favorite why to dress french? Do you have musthaves?

How to eat healthy on a budget

Since a couple of weeks I tried to eat less processed food and go for better options. What I noticed was that the more grains, the less fat a product contained the higher the price. I did managed to discover some tips to stay on a budget.

Breakfast first

My breakfast contains blueberries, bananas, strawberries, vegan yoghurt and some grains. When you change fresh food with frozen alternatives you will be able the exact amount without being left with rotten parts! I take out the amount I need every single day out of my freezer and blend it directly. Less vitamines? Not true. Make sure to watch the price! Last week I bought 500 grams
Of fresh blueberries and frozen them.Another thing I do is buy unsweetened soy yoghurt instead of the one with vanilla flavor. Less calories and even a bit better for my budget. Grains are bought from unknown brands. You will see, often you only pay for the name of brand.

Veggies? Try to go for seasonal products. You will see the once who are the less expensive are the seasonal once! I often go for the freezed-option. Spinach is even better frozen because it contains even more vitamines. Meat is one of those things I do not eat but it can costs a lot. So become vegetarien and save money! Vegan/vegetarien products are often expensive. I often buy more products when they are in sale and keep them in the freezer. Chickpeas are ideal for vegetarians and very cheap. Buying bulk is often cheaper, learn how to keep and store products and you will save money.

Tap water
Instead of buying bottles of water you could be drinking tapped water. It is safe and will save you money.

Compare stores

Often stores will provide weekly discounts. Keep an eye on the coupons and deals! Buy one get one for free is ideal. Don’t be tricked into buy 3 get one… do you really need 3?

Buy your superfoods online

These products cost a lot, do you need them? Depending on what you think. If you want them check out online deals or become a member of a store. Often you can receive discounts on certain products. I also keep an eye on the discount-corner. You never known what you might find.

Build a budget and plan your meals
When you plan your meals you will be less tempted to buy without using the products. Keep an eye on the amount of money your planning to spend each time you go shopping. Vegan options are often expensive so look online for alternatives. Did you know that meat does not need to be replaced? Build your meal out on grains and veggies!

Do you have budget tips available?share them!



Rawfood Julie’s Chocoshake

After a long run a smoothie can really improve the recovery process. It’s also ideal to beat those cravings. Especially this VEGAN RAW chocoshake is ideal to beat your sweettooth and to get an energyboost! Want to discover more, keep on reading!

Raw food Julie
Let me first introduce you the chef, Julie is one of the first who introduced RAW food in Belgium! Her instagram is packed with delicious raw and vegan food and she has her own website with amazing delicious ideas! Check it out and you will be amazed! She introduced her own range of raw, vegan homemade food with her partner Simon. It’s called All Good Cuisine and it is absolutely drooling when you check the pictures.

Chocoshakes to recover
I always start my day with a smoothiebowl and I absolutely love them. So I love trying new recepies. When I came across this Chocolate Shake I immediately wanted to try it. This is ideal to boost your energylevels after a run and contains only healthy ingredients! When recovery beverages always exist with bullshit ingredients this one is pure, healthy and packing with essentials!

The ingredientlist
1, 1/4 cup of water
2 dates (make sure to remove the seed)
1, 1/2 spoon of cacaopowder
1 banana (fresh or frozen)
1 pear (or you can use another banana)
1 or 0,5 an avocado
1, 1/2 spoon of peanutbutter

If you wish you can add some icecubes. You can also add some spinach if you want to add greens.
This smoothie is ideal after a workout! Honestly I can imagine this taking away the afterworkout cravings.


Have you ever tried this shake? Or you planning to try it! Let me know! I absolutely loved it and I am curious whay you think about it! Originally this is a smoothie-creation from THe Green Blender in New York! So thankful that Julie introduced it in Belgium!
You have to check out her website!

Vegetarian/vegan food in Amsterdam

So first the important things. Whenever I go to a city I look for the most vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants. Why? Because food is important and because I love eating! Here is a list of some of the places I discovered online about Amsterdam.

I always start my search online, and i absolutely love this picture from the huffington post.


Vegan and raw place to be is Yay Amsterdam. The place for lunch, brunch and breakfast. It even has a yoga class and a store. Yay Amsterdam is full eco-friendly, read no plastic, recycling, no animal-products. Raw banana-bread, raw salat, try it at Yay Amsterdam.Currenly it is closed but it will open again! So keep an eye on their instagram!

The loving hut is all over Europe and offers a range of asian inspired food. In Amsterdam you can also have vegan versions of typical Dutch food! Easy, fast and budgetfriendlt! Visit at Admiraal De ruijterweg 334.


If you like sweets go to koffie ende koeck! All vegan pastries. This is your place if you like cake and pie! Nice to know, it’s all homemade and you have different milk-options. Nice to know, you can have an high-end afternoon tea, if you book in advance. The space in Koffie ende Koeck is limited so come early for a vegan breakfast with view over the canal! Place to be Haarlemmerweg 175!



Zest for life is a raw food vegan cafe. Offering smoothies, smoothie bowls, wraps and raw pizza! Oh that last one is a must try!


Maoz is a falafelbar located at different tourist locations in Amsterdam. It’s the mc do animal-friendly version! Visit Maoz. it when you are in a hurry or have a late night craving! All you can eat for a reasonal price, what more could you ask for? Located at Muntplein 1, Leidsestraat 85, Damrak 40, Albert Cuypstraat 67.

Have you ever been in Amsterdam? Tell me your vegan/vegetarian must-visits!!!

Tested and approved: Vegan Banana Pancakes

Call me a food-lover, I’m an addict of most things sweet and delicious! I love to discover new tastes and I love to try vegan/vegetarian recipes in my own kitches. This recipe is so easy and cheap that you have to try it out! It’s the ideal way of getting rid of those bananas that been in your kitchen a bit too long 🙂
Personally I replace most milk and diary-products by soy-based products at home. In this recipe I went to use Vanilla milk from Alpro Soya (30% less fat) in combination with their baking margarine. I used not a replacement for eggs but you can go for applesauce.

All you need:
– 1 or more overripe banananas
– 1 cup of soy milk
– 1 cup of whole flour (or regular)
– 1 tablespoon of soy butter
– butter to bake your pancakes
– 1 tablespoon of applesauce
– a bit of salt

This is what you do:
Start mashing up the banana in a bowl. If you have rather small bananas you can use more than one. Add the milk and flour. Start mixing and add your butter and applesauce. Whisk it all together, if your mixture is too dry, add some soy milk, if it’s too liquid you just add some flour. Make sure your batter ends up smooth. In the end you add a bit of salt.
Your dough should look like this
Melt your butter in a medium heated pan. If you cook your pancakes with a lid on them they will end up better. Just make sure you don’t want them to become too big or too thick! Keep them small! It’s more easy to flip them over. When your pancake is dry on top you can turn it over.
Eat your pancakes with blueberries for the ultimate pleasure! You can already add them in the batter if you want.

The result is this yummy healthy breakfast that makes your day start twice as good. Did you already make vegan banana pancakes? I’ve found a lot of recipes that replace the flour by oatmeal but I’ve never tried this, so all suggestions and tips are welcome! Enjoy baking!

13116556_1192997550730998_1800996267_n (1)

Dit recept voor vegans is ideaal als je overrijpe bananen hebt liggen in je keuken! Ze vervangen een deel van de bloem en geven smaak aan je pannenkoek waardoor je geen suiker meer hoeft toe te voegen! Ikzelf heb de melk vervangen door Vanille Soja melk van Alpro Soja, gemengd met een beetje gewone Soya melk, om het geheel niet te zwaar te maken.
Je kan in plaats van eitjes appelmoes gebruiken om dit gerecht veganistisch te maken.
De ingrediënten die ik heb gebruikt zijn:
– een overrijpe banaan
– bloem
– soja boter: één lepel in je deeg en om te bakken
– een half glas soja melk en een half glas soja vanille melk
– een snuifje zout
– een soeplepel appelmoes

Ik kook heel vaak op gevoel, vergeet dus afwegen en exacte hoeveelheden. Nu is het ook zo dat je met pannenkoeken niet veel fout kan doen, zorg er gewoon voor dat je een glad beslag zonder stukjes bekomt en er kan weinig fout lopen. Daarnaast is de gouden regel om steeds te proeven tijdens het bereiden 🙂
Begin met het prakken van de bananen, je kan ze helemaal tot moes maken in een keukenrobot, maar indien ze echt goed rijp zijt gaat het ook lukken met een vork. Voeg daarna de soja melk toe. Zet een glas bloem naast je en voeg toe tot je aan een glad beslag komt. Goed pannenkoeken beslag mag niet te zwaar of droog zijn, maar ook niet te lopend.
Voeg daarnaast een lepel boter toe en een snuifje zout. Indien je dit wil kan je vanillesuiker toevoegen, maar dit is zeker geen must!
Laat de sojaboter smelten op een medium warm vuur. Zorg ervoor dat je pannenkoek niet direct gaat verbranden,dus draai je vuur niet vollebak open. Doe een scheplepel deeg in de pan, zorg ervoor dat je pannenkoek niet te dik is, want dan kan je hem niet goed gaar krijgen, maar ook niet te groot, want dan kan je hem niet makkelijk omdraaien.
De ultieme tip: bak je pannenkoek met het deksel op de pan. Wanneer het deeg vanboven droog is kan je je pannenkoek omdraaien!
Voeg nog bosbessen toe of eet je pannenkoek met verse bosbessen! Een ontbijt om van te smullen! En helemaal niet zo ongezond!

13116556_1192997550730998_1800996267_n (1)

Heb jij al eens vegan banana pancakes gebakken? Deel je ervaringen en recepten met mij hieronder!

Veel bakplezier!

Quick breakfast before your workout!

Before my workout I always try to get a quick breakfast.
Most of the time I go for a smoothie because it’s easy, instant energy and you can add some great, healthy ingredients.

My favorite breakfast smoothie is a mix of the following ingredients, which are enough for 2 persons:
– 250 ml of Alpro Soy Milk (or add until it’s a nice drinkable smoothie)
– 2 banana’s
– a hand of blue berries (from the freezer or fresh ones)
– a spoon of macca powder
If you are not into bananas you can combine this with mango, pineapple or strawberries. Another healthy option is to add some grapes instead of bananas. Instead energyboost!
Not into soy milk or thinking about going for a long workout, just try with some greek yoghurt. Your smoothie will be somewhat thicker in texture.

Another great option is just a slice of whole wheat bread with a bit of peanutbutter and some slices of banana.
It can’t be more easy and it’s a real healthy combination.

Another classic if you want to skip bread is just oatmeal with some fresh fruits.
Oatmeal releases energy gradually, so you wont’t have an energy dip during your workout!Adding fruit is a way of making your oatmeal less boring.
Eat it warm or cold.
download (1)

No time at all? Go for some apple slices with some almond butter! An apple is a great pre-workout snack, it avoids getting an energycrash.
Almond butter adds extra energy and flavor. It squashes your hunger!
download (2)

What is your ideal preworkout breakfast?

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolates

When it comes to being a perfect person, I’m still a long road away from that word.
My guilty pleasures include chocolates, smoking, doritos and hot salsa sauce, homemade pizza, drinking wine, dancing funny in the living room when I’m alone, wearing ridiculous high underwear,buying too much clothes, buying clothes whenever I feel bad,  …
Yes I’m one of those who don’t go for “picture perfect”. Because honestly life is not perfect.
I could go on a diet and skip all the chocolates, but I would kill you one day later.

My current addiction are the chocolates of Neuhaus.
This Belgian brand is a classic when it comes to making amazing chocolates. Founded in 1857, you could say they are the most elegant of the chocolates.
When I tell you these chocolates aren’t that cheap, you should still try them whenever you have the change.
12547180_207323482946782_787709606_n 12383319_964563006966665_1886614044_n

Another one of my addictions is Tony Chocolonely especially the one with the Seasalt and caramel.
Heavenly. A bit higher in price than a regular chocolatebar,but it’s made “slavefree”.


Combining caramel and chocolate is one of my diet-killers. I’m an addict.
Sugarfree for a month, no way! I can’t imagine, I need my daily dose of chocolate.
Somedays when I don’t have my piece of chocolate, I feel proud 😀
What’s your guilty pleasure? The reason you don’t look like a model?
Because honestly in the end, is it worth the endless struggle?