My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Hi Guys, another 3 favorites is here. Today I wanted to inform you on 3 Lushproducts that I love and that are ecofriendly. They have no package and they are animal friendly. I found it so hard to choose 3 Lushfavorites so I went for the package free options first.
Curious about the package free products that I love and that you need to know about?
Well keep on reading!

My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Package free favorite number one Coalface

Coalface is a facial cleanser, packed with charcoal and sandalwood oil! This one is one of my favorites because it slightly exfoliates the skin, depending on how long you keep it on. Plus it also reduces redness and keeps your skin in balance. Be warned, using this one too much it might dry out your face so I always go for once a day. Mostly this is my morning-product because it's so easy to use. Just rinse your face and rub the bar over your skin. I massage it in and rinse again with water. You will fresh right after using this piece. The reason why I actually bought this one? Because it fights black heads like no other product! Once a week I just put it one my nose for more a while. Let's say between 5 and 10 minutes. Ever since cleaning my face with Coalface this way I feel like the amount of blackheads is reduced.
Warning, don't overuse this product because it does dry out your skin. So make sure you moisturize well! I combine it with the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum and my skin has not dried out yet.
Want to know more about Coalface, click here.

Coalface my lushfavorite package free product

Package free favorite number two Montalbano

Actually I just did a review on this number two. Just click here to read the full details. Montalbano has to be my favorite shampoo bar from Lush and I think I tried them all. This one still awakens my senses when I open my tin and I still feel so happy when I start rubbing it on my hair. My scalp feels so clean and my hair has more glow whenever I use Montalbano. Plus I love package free shampoos, these shampoo bars are so easy to take on holidays. No need to be scared about it drooping all over your bag, it is less heavy and you can even cut off a piece if you want. Travelling light is this easy with a shampoo bar!

montalbano, my second package free lushfavorite

Package free favorite number three Layer Cake Soap

This soap, is by far my favorite soap from the entire Lush store. It smells like lemon, oranges and comes in different colors. It feels like you are washing with a rainbow. Especially in the morning this soap wakes me like nothing else. I guess you can say nothing much about how you can use this bar or when and why… the only clear fact is that this soap has the smell I love. Lemons, oranges, fruits, not sweet at all, ideal to feel awake in the shower! Each piece has a unique combination of colors, so it makes it more fun. Mine has no red at all, it's all green and yellow. This one is my and my boyfriends favorite so this one always is packed in our travelbag.


Fun fact about these 3 package free options, the are all VEGAN! So for all you vegans out there these are great products and I love every single one of them. When you keep in mind that these products are animalfriendly and ecofriendly you feel immediately better. The Lushproducts might be high in price, these products are really budgetkillers. I feel like they last forever. I still did not use half of my coalface over half a year. The soaps go for a long time and you can wash around 80 times with one shampoo bar!

Did you already tried one of these package free products? Share your opinion below!


Lush, something pink “Pink peppermint”

Hi Guys, today I wanted to share some new products that I have tested this month from Lush. First I both the new Montalbano shampoo bar and my second purchase was the Pink Peppermint. This last one is a foot lotion, so needed on these hot summer days.
Do you want to know if these products are worth the purchase? Keep on reading. Today I will tell you everything about the Pink Peppermint footlotion.

Something Pink

Last month the temperatures already hit 30°C and my feet starting to show the first signs of well needed care. Blisters, warm running shoes, sweaty conditions they do not assist in the goal of having fresh feet. I absolutely hate sweaty feet! After a long day I can really enjoy fresh water and soap to clean my feet. But I noticed they needed some “cool down” assistance. My feet were swollen from the heat, bits of loose skin and they did not had the best look.

In Amsterdam I decided to buy this Pink Peppermin Footlotion from Lush. This lotion is packed with cocoa butter, peppermint and spearmint. Your foot will cool down immediately. I have been using it for a month now and I have no more loose skin. I use it before going to bed and it smells so refreshing. You really don’t need much for your feet so this jar will last a long time.

Would you buy it again

In my opinion this foot lotion is a great purchase. I guess it really does a great job. I read online that it even is more refreshing when you store it in the fridge. Next I also found out that you can use it to moisturize scars. After surgery or an accident you just apply this lotion and the scar will be less present after a few months.  Another reason why I love this is that I often use the lotion to massage in on my calves after a workout

The color is also so amazing, it is a real pink, girly girl, color. Please note that it might give stains in your white sheets when you do not massage it in good enough. Tie dye for free. If you want a real moisturizing moment, just wear your socks at night after applying the lotion.

Plus: cools down, great moisturizer, can be used as a bodylotion
Min: the price (rather high), one jar cost around €17,50.

Heatwave – wear

Hi Guys, since a few days the weather hits over 30 degrees, sounds like real fun yes? Well actually it also means sleepless nights, mosquitoes and not feeling comfortable in anything you wear. Well I can not cure a sleepless night but I wanted to give you some details in how to be fashionable during the heatwave. In today’s post you will discover the best heatwave-wear.

Heatwave-wear for everyday

As a fan of shirt and maxi dresses you can immediately imagine what you will see pop up. I am a huge fan of both because they are so easy to wear. Maxi dresses are chique and you will just look more glamorous without trying. Combine the dress with flats. They are so much more pleasant to wear in hot weather. One of my favorite shirt dresses has to be this one from French Connection. They are really a brand that has a lot of awesome shirt dresses. And if in doubt, I always go for this one.

How I wear it

I combined it with a classic slip on. Ideal to go on a citytrip, or to a bar. I would even say this dress is office-proof.


Then you have the maxi dress. I have 2 a more casual one and a more chique one. The casual one is a striped dress from Co Couture. The more chique one is again from French Connection.  When you do think a maxi dress is too much, ignore that feeling. If you go for a neutral color or stripes it is never overdressed. A maxi dress is ideal to hide your legs. Yes this is the reason I love them so. Think you are too short? Skip that feeling immediately. I am only 162cm and I rock them each summer.

How I wear it

This Co Couture dress is ideal for a family visit, restaurant visit, day in the city. Easy to combine with slip ons, sneakers or a sandal. Oh yes you could go for heels, but you know that’s not my thing.


The next one has to be the best piece in my dressing it’s the French Connection dress. It was a more expensive purchase but the best one ever. I do wear it for weddings, dinners, just strolling around. When my body-image needs a boost…. this one saves the day.


What about jumpsuits?

I actually own one. I wear it sometimes, but it’s not my favorite thing. It’s not easy to wear. Honestly when it’s hot and you have to go to the bathroom you have to undress completely. You know what it’s ideal for, bikeriding. Or when you have to go somewhere you know you will not pee. Ok, point taken.  The short version? Always difficult, it’s about how confident you are in your skin. I am not a fan of shorts, I do believe they only look good on Gigi or Moss. Just my point of view guys! Don’t take it too hard :).

Heatwave-wear office proof

For this part I had to go search on “pinterest” for pictures. I always go for loose pants whenever the weather is over 25°C. Skinny jeans is not your friend on hot days. If you wan to go for a dress make sure your not overdoing it. It’s work, not a restaurant visit or a day in the city.  A dress too short might not be appreciated.

A loose pants combined with a tucked in shirt is ideal. It really looks amazing. Look at these pictures. Go for light colors like white, grey, beige. Or pastels, now is the moment to wear them.

You really have to search for the best fabrics that breath. Think cotton, tencel blend, linen and light wool. Go for a loose fit, ideal is that you even have room underneath your arms.  I have a few linen shirts from Zoe Karssen and they are a blessing on days like this. I am still looking for the perfect heatwave proof pants.

If the office has an airco, wear a scarf or cardigan that you can take off when you leave. Drink a hot beverage as it will cool down your body after. Wash your wrists with cold water on the toilets.

And what do you think of these heatwave-wear options? Like them? Have fun searching for your perfect wear guys!

Culinaire toppers 1

Budgetvriendelijk en gastronomisch, deze week stel ik jullie 2 van mijn persoonlijke topadresjes voor. Welkom in mijn nieuwe rubriek culinaire toppers. Wie mij kent weet dat ik naast mode ook een voorliefde heb voor heerlijk eten. Mijn leukste ervaringen deel ik graag met jullie.

Budgetvriendelijke burgers.
Onlangs is mijn thuisstadje Geel een heerlijk restaurant rijker. Eskobar in de stationstraat doet je watertanden wanneer je de kaart bekijkt. Hamburgers, anders dan gewoon, in combinatie met verse frietjes, een ovenaardappel of koolsla! Ook vegetariers kunnen hier hun hart ophalen. De halumi-burger is mijn favoriet. Wat er trouwens ook mag zijn is de dessertkaart.

Verwacht je aan een no-nonsens zaak, producten uit de lokale omgeving en een zachte prijs. Ideaal voor die dagen dat je zelf niet wil koken en toch voor “het betere fastfood” wil kiezen.

De burger was binnen voor ik kon fotograferen. Het dessertje heb ik wel voor jullie. Naast burgers heb je hier ook fish&chips, thaise curry of chilli!



Heerlijke groenten
Als vegetariër stond het volgende restaurant al lang op mijn verlanglijstje. Graanmarkt 13 met chefkok Seppe Nobels is gekend voor zijn groentencreaties. Dit gezellige pand in het hart van Antwerpen is een mustvisit voor elke foodlover. Verwacht je aan de lekkerste groentengerechtjes, heerlijke wijn en topbediening.

Graanmarkt 13 brengt je een culinair pallet voor 43€. Ga op ontdekking door de wereld van vergeten groenten in dit leuke restaurant.

Hier kan je niet à la carte eten, maar krijg je een hele menu. Deze wisselt wekelijks. Boven het restaurant is trouwens een prachtige kledingwinkel!




Culinaire toppers

Waarom deze 2 restaurants bezoeken? Simpel, beide hebben een topbediening, losse sfeer en super eten. Daarnaast is prijs/kwaliteit hier echt van hoog niveau! Lokale producten, verrassende combinaties en dat voor een aangename prijs, wat wil je nog meer.

Wil je zeker zijn van een tafeltje? In beide zaken kan je best reserveren.
Hierbij nog even de websites:
Graanmarkt 13

Pas jij al in het rijtje?

The people in the middle, je kent ze wel die grijze muizen, happy life, happy wife, levenslang dezelfde baan en dan nog een labrador erbij. Een echte mening hebben ze wel, maar vaak wordt die niet uitgesproken. Ken je dat gevoel? Pas jij al in het rijtje?

Helaas, ik ben totaal geen grijze muis. Hoe vaak ik ook zwart als basiskleur draag toch heb ik nog een aanwezige persoonlijkheid die de boel roos, donkerpaars of fluoriserend blauw durft te kleuren. Weet je wat het is met die grijze muizen? Ze passen perfect in wat de wereld wil.

Ik aan de andere kant. Ik heb teveel meningen, teveel geluid bij, ik heb mijn hart op de tong. Het durft nogal te botsen in de volwassenwereld. Ik moet jullie dus niet duidelijk maken hoe hard ik niet pas in het rijtje. Mantelpakjes? No thanks. Hakken? Are you kidding me. Statement sweaters, jeans and power. Ja dat ben ik.

Dus of ik al in het rijtje pas? Indien het rijtje mag afwijken van bepaalde normen, dan wel! 🙈

Maar weet je, niets mis mee hoor!! Liever in m’n uppie dan gewoon allemaal hetzelfde! Dit is de boodschap stand out and be proud! Vind je iets niet mooi!maar is het toch trend, er is niemand die jou verplicht om het te volgen. Het leuke aan niet in het rijtje passen is dat je vaak aangenaam verrast gaat worden met complimentjes. Plus je toont jezelf als een echte boss! Want jij durft! En durven dat is risico’s nemen, maar ook vaak een pracht resultaat behalen!

En misschien pas je soms op de ene plaats niet in het rijtje maar in andere rijtjes kan je wel thuis horen.
Mijn rijtje? Wel ik ben een ongetrouwd, kinderloos en mijn kledij wijkt vaak af van de typische bureau-norm blijkbaar. Maar weet je, ik zit er niets mee in! Ooit vind ik wel een plaats in een rijtje.

Curves, and what if you hate them

Curves, you can hate them, you can love them, but when you have them you have to deal with them. Honestly I have a real hate-relationship with my curves. I feel like my ass and my boobs hold me back a lot. I do not like them at all. I can not wear my favorite style, they are not actually sport friendly, they make me look fat.

They make me look fat. There I said it. This is the biggest issue I have with my boobs and legs. They make me look fat. I can repeat it a million times. But I can not change them. I could get rid of them with surgery, but first it’s not worth the investment and the risks. So I am trying to get rid of them with exercising, minimizing bra’s.. . I am jealous when people loose weight on their chest. Ok, I feel like a complainer right now.

Curves are “embraced” nowadays. And how hard I try, I do not seem to succeed in “embracing” them. They keep on bothering me. Why do I adore skinny people and why do I seem not able to get that fantasy out of my head. During the whole recovery process I always ended up wanting to be thin. Still. I feel amazing when I am able to run 10K, I feel amazing that I see my body become more strong. But I also want to loose my curves please.

So that’s when I thought, I do not need to embrace them because everybody else does. I just have to keep going. Exercising makes me feel good, one day I will succeed in loving my body.  But right now, I do not embrace my curves. I embrace the strength I have to push me for running 10 K 3 times a week. The strength to go boarding all day long! So thank you persistence for not letting me down!


5 unpopular things I like

Hi guys, todays I wanted to inform you about the most “not hip” or even unpopular things that I like! Yes I’m not all into every trend and some “wrongs” I can’t shake off! These are my guilty pleasures! And honestly I could not care less if you look at me different now ;-)!

Ok, most people are into big fantastic tattoos and I admit I love a great tattoo but I have a weakness for oldschool aaaand especially for these punk tattoos. Have no idea what I mean, here is a pictures from pinterest.


The natural part is so important, nothing worse than drawn brows. I love how thick brows can really make a face. Big brows does also not mean a unibrow! You have to have 2 brows but the bigger the better. I absolutely feel blessed that I have those strong big brows that I love.



Another one of my favorite things are HIGH WAISTED underpants! Oh some might think it’s ugly, not sexy but I love my underwear practical! Big enough to hide some things, you get my idea. I do believe that some High waisted pants can be hot as hell and these pictures are the proof!



Being a LONEr!
I do not have loads of friends and I do not might most of the time. I am a loner, I love being home (when I am home)with my cats. I consider myself lucky to have a few friends that I cate so much about and those people are worth my time. Although I try to be a big mounthed girl I hate busy places and big crowds. I get anxious in crowded places a lot. Sometimes I am overfriendly to people and I do make new friends easily, but somedays I just want to spend at home… with nothing but myself, the cats and my internetfriends.


Last but not least I LOVE WINTER and dislike summer! Why? I hate sweat, I don’t like skirts, I am to insecure for summer. I like it best when I can wears jeans and a shirt… if it’s too hot for one of those I’m not liking it! Bikikis and beaches are always good abroad but not in my own country.


Do you ever thought about a list like this?