My cats…

All these fluffy creatures found their way into my home and heart.

Abandoned somewhere determined to make me a crazy catlady. I often get the question “how many cats do you have”. Well for the moment we (me and my boyfriend) have 7 cats. Somewhat the max that we can have in our home. As you might notice I try to travel a lot so my moms (mother and mother-in-law) are the babysitters.

11986348_10206469555674377_8137928624926436743_n 12191537_10206840661191783_8652412860626930174_n 10401911_10207160117497991_6517398007683667056_n12568294_1540628589568994_758901419_n 12677351_1528732284094027_716578477_nimg_3534

Since a few months we lost one of our babies. Still miss her like crazy, but the more I try to think about my future plans, the more I think they do include an adopted Doggy!


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