Slow fashion, choose well make it last

Hi Guys, today I wanted to present you my favorite Belgian slow fashion brands. With slow fashion I actually do not mean second hand. I mean that they are rather expensive, but they have a high quality level so they are long lasting. As my instramfeed is taken over by H&M, Zara, Primark and other chain fashion I find it more and more necessary to consume on another level.

Choose well make it last

I do not want to throw away my shirt after just one wash. I want my clothes to last and look good for years. More and more I want to be different by consuming better. Don’t expect me to go and buy Gucci. No I don’t have the money to buy at a high price. Here are some brands that you need to check out and how you can buy them.

Buy less and wait

Best tip has to be “wait for sales”. Sales are the moment when you can actually buy something expensive for a rather great price. Expensive brands often give 50% after one week. So it is worth the wait! Another great moment to keep in mind are the stocksales. Just like regular sales most brands do this twice a year. Follow your favorite brands on facebook to keep an eye on their pages for these dates. Often prices are even better than in sales. Outlet-stores are another thing that you need to visit. Just look for the collection from last year and you will actually be able to score amazing things for a low price.

My favorite Belgian Brands

Essentiel Antwerp

I can not ignore the fact that I love, love, love this brand. It is rather expensive but I scored already 2 shirts during the sales this year. Check out the website from this slow fashion brand here.  Amazing dresses, great shoes, awesome sweaters and even more beautiful bags. This Belgian brand is actually one of my favorite brands and they offer such great quality! I mean you will actually be amazed.
wearing an Essential Antwerp tshirt, favorite slow fashion brand

LN Knits

High on my wishlist for next winter is a piece from LN KNITS! This brand is slow fashion and even better FAIRTRADE! All items are handmade, high quality Alpaca yarn and no mass production. What more can you ask for. Prices are rather high, but you get an amazing piece. I do not own anything yet but the brand has intrigued me already for a couple of months. LN Knits means no child labor, no blood, nothing bad. Worth the investment. Check out the website for this amazing Belgian brand here.

La Fille D’O

We can wear loads of clothes, but what about lingerie! I always have been a fan of Murielle Scherre and her designs. She creates the most amazing bra’s and is a fighter for body acceptance. The background from the brand is written on this page. The products are produced in Belgian by women who earn a good wage. They are not exploited. They design, the background, the facts… Actually, why wouldn’t you support La Fille D’O?

Of course these are just a few brands that are worth the investment. All over the globe you have amazing brands that are of high quality. But at this moment I could actually say these are my favorites.

Do you know some brands that I need to know. SHARE WITH ME!

Wearing Essentiel Antwerp

Rosy Cheeks face mask by Lush

Hi Guys, another day another Lush review. Want to know what I did the other day, read it here. Today I felt like informing you about this lovely pink face mask that smells like roses. The Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask is one of those that any skin type can use without being scared. Want to discover why this might be the mask for you? Keep on reading. If you ever tried this mask, feel free to share your opinion below.

Rosy Cheeks makes you clean and it’s fresh

These fresh face masks are made of essential oils, fruits, veggies and active ingredients like lemon juice. This is the reasons why the masks can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks. After the masks will still be good but the active ingredients will lose power.
Rosy cheeks is ideal for a sensitive skin. It will give you a deep clean and leaves you with a matte finished, beautiful skin.
the package of the fresh face mask Rosy Cheeks by Lush

Calming rosy roses

A blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil calms the face and restores balance. I love the smell and the texture. It’s an easy to use mask, no little pieces to clean, not strong smell. I guess next to to “Don’t Look At Me” this has to be my favorite face mask. Yes I tried them all. The only thing you have to do before buying is smell the sample. If you do not like the smell it’s not your face mask. I once bought a mask containing tea tree and I could not stand it. My favorite routine is to apply this mask in the tub, relax for 15 minutes and rinse my face. I love the matte finish.

ingredients from Rosy Cheeks by Lush

The best way to take care of your skin

I apply two types of face masks each week. Once a week I apply a green mud mask (Mask of Magnaminty) and the second time I go for this Rosy Cheeks mask. I am one of the lucky few who have no acne at all. I do have a very dry, sensitive skin but this combination seems to work best for me. Before applying a mask I always do a quick scrub. When I have loads of time I go for a Dream Steam toner tab. I will explain this one later this month. Want to learn more about the Lush face masks, just click here!

The verdict

For my sensitive skin this mask is a real great option. It cleans deep and you will have a soft, matte finish. That I really, really love. I also find this one the one with the best smell. This product is rather expensive, but you can do a few times with one jar. Above you can see a jar that has been used already 3 times. When you collect 5 empty jars you can trade them in the Lush store for a free mask. Just like all Lush products this one is not tested on animals and suitable for vegans!

Did you already tried Rosy Cheeks? How did you like it?


Random things that make me happy

Some people look for happiness in awkward, unreachable things. I try to find them more and more in every day things. Perhaps it’s my realistic side that overtakes my dramatic, romantic side. However I would dream about travelling the world, I lack money so unpossible right now. But this does not mean I wilo not stop dreaming.

Random things that make me happy:
1) the smell after rain
Oh dear god, how I missed that! It was hot and dry for such a long day. I absolutely forgot how amazing nature smells after a great amount of rain.
2) my cat that starts purring on my lap
Just because they are always happy when they see me. No matter what!

3) coffee, tea and chocolate
How can you not like coffee or tea… in combination with a sweet piece of chocolate! If you want a break this is the combo! Oh and a muffin on special occassion. Absolutely love to just go for a coffee with a sweet thing.

4) a long hot bath with loads of foam
Call it a moment for yourself. Call it a necessary thing. My tub I will never trade you for a shower!
5) running in the woods
Just because nature is such an important part of my life. I always feel better after a moment between the trees.

6) new sheets that smell like powder washing soap
Oh dear heaven. Nothing is better as crawling in your bed with fresh sheets. If they are white and smell heavenly I almost feel like in an hotel! It puts a smile on my face.
7) hearing a song I love on the radio
And singing as hard and loud as possible. In public I will never sing, unless I am wasted. But I just get happy when I hear a song I love.
8) sleeping in
I love love love to sleep untill 8! At least. Waking up not having to do something in a hurry! L o v e it!
9) a great movie
Just putting on a regular movie and it turns out to be amazing!
10)having time to watch tv
In the evening, just being able to sit in my pj’s and enjoy some tv!

What are your favorite random facts that make you happy?

Lush Shampoo bar Montalbano

What’s in a name “Montalbano”, when other Lush products have a catchy name this one is rather hard to remember. Ok, I admit it I tried it because it smells amazing. I needed a new shampoo bar and I just took the one that smells the best. Montalbano was actually a pleasant discovery and probably became my favorite shampoo bar. Want to know why this heavenly bar is worth it’s price… keep on reading!

Montalbano, a divine smell

I still try to discover what on earth the name has to do with the product. When I google Montalbano I find out that it’s an Italian inspector with no hair and a region in Italy. Ok, let’s just skip the name. This little bar contains lemonjuice, green olives and rosemary. I guess it is the lemon smell that stole my heart. I am always going for this smell when I buy Lush. I absolutely can suggest you to just go to the store and smell the bar! You will just disvoer exactly what I mean with “divine”.
a picture of the Montalbano bar from Lush

Montalbano shampoo bar the facts

Rosemary cleans your scalp, olives will provide your hair to be more elastic en lemon provides the amazing smell. The lemon will also take off some color of your hair. For the blonds, this is a natural lightning product, if you are a brunette like me you will see some difference. If you just use it once a week you do not have to worry about this. The effect is the same as the sun, I might even say I think it was less effective. Another reason why I love this Montalbano bar is the cleansing effect. I love shampoos that clean my scalp and hair, downside you will have to use a conditioner. My hair felt more dry, but I have this with almost all shampoos. Conditioning is just part of my life. If you have greasy hair you will notice that this bar will take care of your hair.

The verdict

Montalbano is a great shampoo bar, the smell is amazing and it really gives your hair more shine. This product is vegan, not tested on animals and ecofriendly (no packaging).
A shampoo bar is just as easy to use as a regular liquid shampoo. How do you use it:
Rinse your hair and rub it on your scalp, it will create foam and you can wash your hair.
Let the bar dry after use and you will notice that it will last for a rather long time.

Normally you should be able to use a bar for 80 times. Honestly I never counted it, but I have the idea that the are long lasting. Making them great value for money (8€ a bar).
This bar is ideal to pack when you go on holidays because it is solid. Want to know more about the different shampoo bars, go to the page of lush overhere.


Boho Green Cosmetics mascara

Hi Guys, today I wanted to introduce to you this lovely make up brand that I discovered at My Dear beautysalon. If you want to discover more about My Dear, you should click here! Boho Green Cosmetics is a French make up brand that is ecofriendly, does not test on animals, it does not hurt your wallet and it has such a high quality.
This brand is rather unknown and that is why I wanted to share this with you!

Boho Green Cosmetics

Boho is a French brand that wanted to make a difference in the ecofriendly market. Most bio/all natural brands are rather expensive. You can pay a high price for make up if you want it to be as good as possible. Boho Green Cosmetics wanted to avoid this, it had to be budgetfriendly and still of high quality. Actually they have succeeded in their goal. The mascara I tested was only €13. Let’s be honest, a rather low price for a great mascara. Boho has over 190 products all in recyclable packages.

This picture is taken at the My Dear Beautysalon, here  is the link from the webpage.

boho green cosmetics at My Dear

Volume and green mascara

Whenever I discover new things I always feel the urge to test them, so I took the “volume and green ” mascara from Boho Green Cosmetics home to give it a try. I always wear mascara from Hema (around €5). The price is amazing, it opens my eyes, but the effect is not that amazing. Especially for a party I love to have a bit more expression.

The packaging from Boho Green Cosmetics

Recyclable, ecofriendly, yet it does look cute and stylish. I also like the fact that only the essential packaging is kept. Boxes? Nope, just the mascara and that’s it! What more do you actually need. Exactly, nothing. If you think that you get less product, you are wrong it’s just because only the necessary part is kept.

The result from Volume and Green Mascara

I took a picture of myself wearing the mascara on one eye and left the other one clean. This picture is not edited, no filter is used this is just the result. So you can actually see that this mascara from Boho Green Cosmetics gives volume and length. I am really happy with the result. Great quality for only €13. I bet you pay more when you visit a MAC store, plus think about the bunnies people!

The verdict

Green? Check.
Length? Check.

Let’s say that I was really happy with the result. If you want to have green mascara that provides a high quality for a low price you have to check out this mascara. If you are from around Geel (Belgium, near Antwerp) I can inform you that your lucky. The Boho Green Cosmetics are only available at My Dear beautysalon. So follow her on instagram.

The days when green cosmetics were just for us hippies is long over. This brand is ideal for make up lovers with a heart for animals. Plus all these products are so much better for your own skin. It’s really a win win situation. This is a non-sponsored post, so you know this comes from the heart.



Make up free days.

Although I love love love love to take of my skin including millions of products I do also love love love love make up free days. I do however feel a bit scared to show my bare face in some situations I do love to wear nothing.

Make up free, it feels so rewarding. Like ” look at me, I am a daredevil”. On the other side I do however feel naked, insecure and less pretty. In Austria I seldom wear make up. Each day is make up free. At work I don’t wear make up, I lost the power.

Somedays I only wear mascara and blush, those days I feel less naked but very confident. As my skin has pigmentation on some parts since a few months I do lost that confidence. I still don’t want to wear make up because I have to.

Your a lady.
Ladies like to be pretty and wear make up. I am a lady who loves to take care of her skin. But I love being natural. No big fuzz, no fake lashes, no fake brows, just a clean face with a natural glow. I do love to have a little tan, just because it hides imperfections. I always wear a high level protection due to my pigmentation, but you do get a color with spf 50!

Strange fact I did go out once without make up and I felt really happy when I saw another woman walking in without make up. It was like ” we are soooooo connected”. 🤔 I asked my boyfriend if he did find it less pleasant but he does not care at all. So the only thing I have to loose is the pressure. The pressure to be like the others.

What I do is rinse and clean my skin twice a day. I use Lush ultrabland, angels on bare skin, pere de noël face jelly, 9 to 5, eau de roma, dark angels and skindrink. I do not use all products at once. Most times I use dark angels or the jelly in the morning. The other products are for the evening. After rinsing I use skindrink in the morning and dr Organic night creme in the evening.Each week I try to scrub each 2 days and at least once a week I use a face mask.

Do you love to wear no make up or are you a real make up junkie?!

Do more of what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy. It might sound so easy, but it is actually one of the most hard things ever. For some people it is even more difficult. I am a very sensitive person, so I need to focus on the positive things that happen. It is also a mindset, learning to say no, learning to go for the happy you. And this is what I did this week.
A bit of things that make me real happy. They are not expensive, they are not things. Most of them are moments. Whenever I feel bad, I just have to make sure that I go for one of those and I can become happy again.

Running for happy

Yes running makes me happy. Working out actually is a great way of fighting a depression and it’s superhealthy. When I was at my worst I just ran too much. I went from 10 K to 15 k for 3 times each week. I overdid it. Now I try to go for more short runs combined with Yoga and a movie on the crosstrainer. I listen to my body. I do not want to be tired from running 15 K and still have to start on my day. My favorite motivation to go running? A great playlist, the fact that my body changes and the woods. I love to run in the woods and just relax.

Look how I could capture the Komorebi – the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. It just really makes me happy.
Komorebi, a real nice view of a morning run that makes me happy

Oh and I love to work with Runkeeper. It’s free and you can keep track of your progress so easy. Seeing the progress is another thing that makes me real happy. And the workout-room is ready and light. I painted it entirely white. For a relaxing feeling and a more “spacious” feeling.


Food makes me happy

I sufferd from a real sore throat and could not manage to eat real food. I just went for icecream. Oh yes I did. Shame on me?! Not really, when you are sick calories don’t count. Actually food is another thing that makes me really happy. A coffee with my mom is another thing that I really love. She listens to me, when I told her all about my resent job-adventure. Read all about it here.  

Most of the time I focus on eating healthy but I do allow to treat myself. I had a time that I was mad at myself for eating sweets. But why should I. If you like something eat it. If you don’t like gaining weight, workout more.


Writing makes me happy

Do more of what makes you happy? I actually discovered that I love love love writing. Perhaps I should do it more often, as in, I have to find a job in which I can write. I guess it will not be easy. But I think it might be word to take the jump.

How do you try to make yourself happy?