Just a bath to breathe

Sometimes all you want are those 15 minutes to relax! I myself believe in taking a bath. Just to relax and just to breathe. Keep on reading why you should go for a relaxing moment and how to make your bathroom into a private spa.

Breathe in and out
Life is hectic. I sometimes stress from the moment I arrive at work until I am home. And then well there are bills to pay, rooms to be cleaned, mounths to be fed… and I even don’t have children! Some people say that we are “a spoiled generation”! They never used to cry about “free time” “quality time” or “me time! Well ok, great for them, but I believe in myself! I like to keep my spirit free, my head free and my stress at home to a minimum! So don’t feel ashamed if you need a small moment to relax!


How to create a home spa

First rule on a nice bathroom… add plants! Sounds awkward? Nope, plants are a natural anti-depressant! They filter the air and they bring life into boring places. Go for spiderplants, they are so carefree. Some water once in a while will do just fine! Here are my bathroom plants.


Next, dim the lights! Yellow light is so much more cosy. If you even want to go for a minimum amount of light just add candles in the room! Instant zen and happy feelings. Another tip is to add some essential oils! Lavender to relax, lemongrass for a fresh smell. You can do this all year long but if you want to make it special, do it one those relaxing occassions.

This pictures describes it all, pinterest is such a great source of inspiration!


Next you can add music, but I prefer listening to the birds. I hear noises all day long so only birds can interrupt the silence! Radio is a no-go, too much junk!
If you are installed lay back and give yourself the full treatment… if you have the time!
A facescrub and mask, a bodyscrub, a mask for your hair and don’t forget your hand and your feet!

Sounds like a huge amount of work? Nope, you will be surprised how soon this can be done and the feeling after is the best!

Do you ever have a home-spa moment?


5 reasons to be happy

As the ski-season is almost over it’s always a bit hard to go back to reality. Work, boring times, working out at hope again, summer is not my favorite season. Neither because my body is not nearly at the stage I want it to be! So I want to fight my summerdepression with a list of 5 reasons to be happy.

1) You had an amazing winter and you will have one again next year. Now it’s time to save some money, renovate a bit and spend time at home. I probably seen much more snow than the average person. I had the honor to go to Courchevel, Les Arcs, Meribel, Montafon, Solden and Pitztal! I am already planning next year, a week in Montafon, a week in Les Deux Alpes… perhaps even Canada! I had the honor to sleep in hotels I could never pay myself, met people I will never forget and I finally have new bindings and a board! Oh and in May I have this trip to Amsterdam. Travelling enriches my life and I am blessed to do it this often.


2) We saved a lot of kitties but this one was different. If we haven’t been there she would have died. She was a few hours away from dead. Now she became a cute, playful kitten that I absolutely could not miss! In summer I have more time to be with my cats! Could not miss one of them!


3) I am healthy! I do not have the body I want yet but I conquered a lot this year! I am one year bulimia free in May! Can you imagine, for the first time in over 17 years! It will be the first year that I did not have an eating disorder. Yes I still see myself as in a recovery-kinda-situation but I conquered so much! First I had to be ready to stop vomitting, next deal with the pounds, learn how to stop overeating, dealing again with the weight. Now I am almost there. I work out, try to eat healthy, I still binge at some moments, so it’s a process but I’ll make it! It was a goal I have set myself “not being bulimic at 30” and I’m 14 days away from the finish! Still need to work on the “self love part”


4)My boyfriend is the best! He takes care of me when I’m sad, loves me, hugs me. He takes pictures when I ask him to! He never complains about stupid things, does not watch football, he loves shopping… ok the list of why I love him is too long. You get the idea! I feel blessed everyday to have him in my life!

5) My parent have had so much patience with me! I have 2 degrees, did not do shit with them, they take care of my cats when I am on holidays, the support me the comfort me. Although we did not had that much love during my teens we now reached a point that I need them in my life. I absolutely could not imagine losing one of them!

What’s your reason to be happy? Ps I also love the amount of clothes and shoes I have, but this does not maintain my happy-level!


Flower power

When it used to be pretty boring to create a bouquet or a flower-piece nowadays we notice this art is back! How can’t you like something that creates this amazing feeling inside your home. Yes flowers are back and I could not be more happy!

For the biggest noobs in the world of flowers we have this amazing company. At the website of Bloomon you can order flowers online. They are delivered on the day you want, at the time you want. You receive the most fresh flowers at your doorstep and the instructions on how you can create the most pretty bouquets. Take a look at the picture from Bloomon.


Wildflowers and Wodka
I call it the most inspiring flower-instagramaccount! This flowerlady creates the most amazing bouquets and crowns! A musthave for each bride to be!Get inspired and share the love because this lady has some serious skills. The colors, the style, the vibe. Each bouquet looks perfect and each picture is more and more perfect. If you want to surprise real flower-lovers go for Wildflowers and Wodka! Why? Because it looks way more amazing than at a regular florist!



Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

Say bye bye to traditional and go a bit wilder! I found some inspirational pictures on pinterest. Think fresh flowers from the garden mixed with flowers from the florist. It’s ideal to create that ultimate bouquet.

It does not always have to be a lot, sometimes less is more.


On other moments you can completely go crazy and just mix loads of colorful flowers.



I do feel like flower fresh up a house and make it become a home. Do you often have flowers inside?