Life is better in Pink

No boring black tattoos this time. Today we are looking at some amazing pink tattoos! Because life is better in pink.
Discover the most amazing full pink or almost full pink tattoos in this blog.
All pictures are from pinterest.

Flamingos are hot and happening, hooked on those cute little birds like me.. well thennyou will love this piece of work. Ideal for all ladies who love to it a bit more special. The vibrant pink looks amazing on a tanned skin! It is the way of getting a summervibe just by looking at your own tattoo!


The following piece is even a bit more special. It’s a pink mandala. Ideal for those who love mandalas but would love it more subtile than a regular black one. You will notice that this one actually a bit less “in your face.” So if you are still in doubt a pink version might be the solution.


And yes flowers can’t miss in this post. The watercolortechnique is ideal for these kind of tattoos. I absolutely love the realistic part of these tattoos. Flowers are timeless, they do not have to mean anything, they can just be pretty. And those regular roses, we have seen them all, time for something new!



Nice thing about these pink tattoos is that they make boring design instandly more awesome! A normal design is more special when it’s completly in pink. Just because it’s not seen that often it’s already a better choice! Because honestly having the same tattoo as somebody else is not that pleasant.


What’s your favorite tattoo in this post? I fell in love with the mandala. I would love to have a mandala but often they are soooo big. This one is ideal for me. Perhaps on my back. Oh and yes that flamingo… yes that one is also amazing.


Avocado tattoos, why not?

Tattoos, you love them or hate them, well for all you avocado-lovers but tattoohaters this might change your mind. Discover the most cute, amazing and detailles avocado tattoos in this post. Curious? Keep on reading!

Detailled and beautiful

I found all these amazing pictures on pinterest, just search on “avocado tattoo” and keep on clicking! If you are into details and don’t want it to be colorful. I have this amazing idea for you!


Think this is too much and you just want it to be a bit more simple? How about just the fruit! Yes an avocado is a fruit, just so you know! Take this tattoo with your partner or you bestfriend. Who takes the seed-part?


If you want it simple and not too outspoken. Just think lines and not many shade. When you go for this tattoo, you can easily place it everywhere. And you can hide it so easy!


Color and cute

An avocado can be a real girly, girly tattoo-idea! How about mixing your two favorites in one design? Cats and avocados.. it’s all possible.


Old school tattoos are always a bit more cute than just a regular black/white one. Think loads of color and it can fit anywhere!!


One of my personal favorites is the following. Just because of how cute, yet timeless it is.


If you love a more realistic tattoo, go for something like this.


Are you a true avocado-lover? I mean why not get it tattooed? Some people have a slice of pizza on their wrist, other prefer Care Bears, what’s the difference? If you like it, get it inked! But always think before you get a tattoo, which design, which artist and placing!

My latest tattoos

As I already wrote about tiny tattoos here. So today I wanted to show you my latest tattoos. And although most people believe they have to mean something, I go for a mix of meaning and just beautiful. Because you should always decorate your body the way you like it.


Meaningful tattoos </strong

So my most meaningful piece has to be the "self love club". Yes I got one, yes I still have to remember myself about this. Almost daily. It's on my upper arm, next to my bunny. This one is a memorial tattoo for my bunnies. I used to have bunnies, loved them like I love all animals and when they died it broke my heart. I'm an emotional piece of shit when it comes to goodbyes. This is the start of my sleeve. I hope to have it finished someday ;-).

img_5387 t


Another one is the unalome. This is actually “the path to enlightenment”. I got this one together with the words “stay gold”. This last one is a traditional piece. You should always stay yourself.


Pretty tattoos

Last month I got this moth tattooed! I absolutely adore these creatures. They have this magical vibe. A bit like unicorns but more tough! Not sweet, but they are creatures of the night!


My other leg has this “evil eye” and the words “free”. Also not finished and still have to get this a bit more touched up. I love this evil eye thing. First time spotted at Kenzo and I fell in love immediately. Now with the clouds it got a more traditional meaning. A balance between emotions and intellect. It’s also a sign of protection. But it’s not placed for religious reasons.


The latest tattoo

My ultimate favorite has to be this edelweiss-piece! Yes the traditional flowers from my favorite place (Austria). You can never go wrong with flowers, right?! So this one has a meaning and it’s beautiful!I already mentioned that my ink is always placed in Geel (Belgium) by members of Yellow ink. My leg tattoos are done by apprentices, my arms are done by Seppe himself. I Can’t wait to have it all finished. In april I will add one more piece to this arm.


You might see I have different styles of tattoos. That’s because I love traditional ink, a bit of watercolor and especially little black ones! Yes those tiny tattoos that don’t hurt are my thing! But also that edelweiss-piece. I can’t express how happy it makes me.

What do you think about my collection? Do you have tattoos yourself?

Self love club: the inked edition

The Self Love Club’s rules are as follows:

1. You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

2. You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

3. You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health.

Meet miss Francis Cannon, who started this amazing trend on instagram.


Yours truly has now officially became a memeber of the Self Love Club. Ever since I discovered this I was curious and wanted to be a part. Yes it was time, after years of fighting it was time to accept my body. The eating disorders seem to be gone, yes it’s been almost 8 months since the last signs! For the past time I had not thrown up, eaten too much or starved myself. It has been a time for balance. A time for self love!

Out with old in with the new

After almost 30 years of fighting my body it was time to become a better person for myself! Selfcare became so important. Quit smoking, quit eating eggs and dairy was another thing, I combined this with exercising and thinking positive. For a few months this going so great and it seems that my life is getting better day by day. Work and travel opportunities are smiling. The only thing that scares me is that I might loose it all again. But for now let’s enjoy it. Hard work finally has results. Sometimes I do feel blue,but it’s normal I guess.

The tattoo I got:


Have you ever saw the self love club ? Are you part of it?! Done with hating and destroying your body.